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Friday, September 24, 2004


Special Town Meeting set for November 9

This week the Board of Selectmen designatedTuesday, November 9, as the date for a Special Town Meeting, with a follow-up election on Tuesday, November 16. The Warrant will consist of four Articles and two ballot questions. Two of the Articles involve budget transfers between various line items and the payment for legal services.

Article 3 appropriates funds for the reconstruction, refurbishment, and repair of the Town Hall heating-cooling system. The HVAC committee, appointed to investigate the causes for failure of the system and appropriate remedies, is currently working with an engineering design firm and expects to report back to the Selectmen by mid-October.

The fourth Article appropriates funds for the construction and equipping of the school wastewater treatment facility, including a leaching field and access road thereto.

The two ballot questions will focus on debt exclusions for the Town Hall HVAC and the wastewater treatment facility. The election will be unnecessary if the Town Meeting decides to pay for the two projects from free cash and the stabilization fund.

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