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Friday, September 17, 2004


With all the publicity and anxiety about holding this summer's Democratic National Convention in Boston, it was impossible not to be aware of New York's own political jamboree: the Republican National Convention. It seems that nobody fled the Big Apple in anticipation of traffic jams and crushing delays; people stayed around, went to work, attended the convention ...more

Name: Amanita pantherina — sometimes referred to as "the panther." The name is for the spots that cover the cap. ...more

The photograph shown here was taken several weeks ago when the sunflowers in front of the Carlisle Post Office were in full bloom. Exclaiming on the beauty of these brilliant yellow flowers, postal clerk Kevin LeBoeuf suggested I might like to talk with his colleague John Belleville to find out what special gardening techniques he had used to create such magnificent ...more

Imagine this: eating healthy, low-fat food. Now imagine this: eating such great food that every meal is a treat. Those two ideas have never really had much of an amicable relationship, right? Until now. No kidding. ...more

"Empty nest" — sounds cute, doesn't it? Conjures up visions of little fledglings flexing their sturdy wings for the first time, flapping away from their parents, who already have plans for all their newfound extra living space. Balderdash! I'd like to meet the soulless (and probably childless) automaton who coined such a darling phrase to describe ...more

At this time of year — theater season — there is a great deal of excitement generated in our home. This is not only because there is a whole slew of new shows to attend at the community theaters in our area; but also because my husband, Tedford (day job: computers; daydream job: actor), is tracking audition information for the shows that strike ...more

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