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Friday, September 17, 2004


Campus ready for new school year

The Carlisle School Committee began the school year with an annual tour of the facilities on September 8, led by Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds David Flannery.

Before beginning the tour, Flannery was pleased to report that the industrial-sized dehumidifiers, purchased after last summer's mold problem, were in constant use this past summer and were extremely effective at keeping surfaces dry. To keep an eye on the situation, his staff used a hand-held measuring tool to take surface moisture readings daily, he explained.

Maintenance projects

Ongoing maintenance projects include slowly upgrading classrooms, Flannery said. "It takes $4,000 to rehab a classroom," he explained. "I have to ask my annual questions," began committee member Michael Fitzgerald. "How are the roofs holding up?" "Pretty well," replied Flannery, saying selected sites were re-roofed over the summer. "There's no problem with the Wilkins roof," he explained, but other roofs need work due to aging, melting and sliding snow, and bad roof designs.

As he led the group through the Robbins Building, Flannery pointed out the bulletin boards, many of which have been painted bright blue or yellow. In previous years teachers would cover the boards with bright paper to use as a background for their displays. But new fire regulations limit the amount of paper that can be put on walls. With the boards painted, teacher can put up students' work and avoid reaching the paper-display limitations.

"Can I just add how hard the custodians worked this summer?" asked new Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle. "David and his crew are to be commended for their effort." "[My staff] did an outstanding job," agreed Flannery.

New computers needed

As they walked through one classroom, the group chuckled at the "ancient" computers lined up next to an up-to-date Apple. Doyle commented that something will need to be done about upgrading the computers for the classrooms. "I have four of those earmarked" for the Carlisle School, said Fitzgerald, pointing to the new Apple. He said his company, Hypnion, will be donating the computers to the school.

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