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Friday, September 17, 2004


Few races, low turnout in primary

Republican candidate for State Representative, Doug Stevenson, checks in to vote in the State primary early Tuesday morning. Poll workers (left to right ) are Irene Blake and Betty Lang. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

Thirteen percent of Carlisle's registered voters, 437 out of 3,389, made their way to Town Hall on Tuesday, September 14, to cast their ballots in a rather lackluster state primary election which featured only two contested races. As Assistant Clerk Irene Blake expressed it early in the morning, "Anything over 300 [nearly 10%] I guess would be because of Doug Stevenson running for office." Carlisle Selectman Stevenson, who was running unopposed on the Republican ballot for State Representative in the primary, will face incumbent State Representative Cory Atkins (D - Concord) in the November election.

On Tuesday 234 voters took Democratic ballots while 203 took the Republican ballot. In the two contested races, incumbent Democratic candidate for County Sheriff James V. DiPaola won (88) defeating Robert A. DeMoura (78) and Brian M. Gillis (24), with 44 blanks. On the Republican side, in the race for Representative in Congress Thomas P. Tierney (91) defeated Ilana Freedman (72), with 40 blanks.

In the uncontested races for State Representative, Atkins received 208 votes, while Stevenson received 197.

At the end of the day Patrolman Michael Burgess of the Carlisle Police, who had been on duty at the polls throughout the day, expressed it best when asked to share his impressions of election day: "There were no problems; it was smooth sailing all the way."

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