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Friday, September 3, 2004


The teachers and staff of the Carlisle School welcomed Michael Giurlando, the new Assistant Principal, to the school this week. He replaces Steve Goodwin, who was promoted to Principal after the retirement of Carlisle School Principal Andy Goyer. ...more

Through the dog days of August the Benfield Planning Task Force, the committee planning the development of the town-owned Benfield property on South Street, has continued to meet and make progress toward their goal of presenting a site plan and housing design at Spring 2005 Town Meeting. Interim milestones are two Community Planning Days scheduled by the Task ...more

Hurdles remain before the state will approve a breather for the town from the threat of congestion resulting from 40B affordable housing developments, despite diligent efforts for well over a year by the members of a Community Development Plan (CDP) Steering Committee. ...more

In early 2003, Carlisle received a commitment from the state under Executive Order 418 (EO418) for $30,000 in funding to complete a Community Development Plan (CDP) with the assistance of planning consultants from Thomas Planning Services and McGregor & Associates. A CDP Steering Committee was formed including members of the Planning Board, Housing Authority, ...more

Absentee ballots available

Registered voters who will not be able to vote at the polls in the state primary on Tuesday, September 14 due to: ...more

The Conservation Commission approved construction on a Ledgeways lot bordering wetlands for the third time in ten years, at their August 26 meeting. ...more

• Special Town Meeting October 26. The date for Special Town Meeting, originally planned for October 18, will be changed to Tuesday October 26 to allow the committee overseeing the planning and construction of the wastewater treatment plant for the Carlisle Schools to prepare a request for additional funds. The cost of a road to the plant was ...more

Following mounting pressure from abutters, the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH), and the Conservation Commission (ConsCom), Ted Van Dusen of Brook Street appeared before the ConsCom on August 26 to ask for ex post facto approval for a "temporary" plan to maintain electric fencing around a tennis court and other adjacent territory near his barn to serve ...more

"It was a well run, well attended effort," said Selectman Chair Tim Hult as the Board reviewed the July 4th Old Home Day (OHD) celebrations with OHD Chair David Reed on August 10. "The weather was there for us; everything seemed to go smoothly," agreed Reed. ...more

Route begins at 8:05 a.m.

Road and Street Number

East @ Extended Day (p.m. only) 142; Cutters Ridge @ circle; East Riding 52; East Riding and Tophet (Tophet)162; Carlton 63, 91; East Riding at Carriage Way; East Riding 394; Brook corner of Timothy; Brook 221, 214; Brook @ Page Brook; Brook Street 31; Bedford 531, 439; Bedford corner of Shady Brook; Bedford 303; Cross 600, 484, 481, 432, ...more

Town Hall, 7:30 p.m.

7:30 Classification hearing ...more

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