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Friday, September 3, 2004


ConsCom OKs Ledgeways driveway

The Conservation Commission approved construction on a Ledgeways lot bordering wetlands for the third time in ten years, at their August 26 meeting.

To lead off, Chair Roy Watson turned the session over to new Ledgeways owner David Scarbro and his engineer Bill McNary, with the comment that, "This is a lot with a long history." In fact, commission files show that the record goes back to a first approval issued in 1994 to the late Russell Perry, who installed a septic system but decided not to build. He sold the lot to Mitchell Weiss, who added a well under a new Notice of Intent in 1997, but apparently changed his mind and sold the lot to Scarbro.

Current plans show a proposed driveway bounded on one side by a wetland and on the other by a stone wall and steep incline. McNary noted that the drive follows an old cart path and features a culvert that relieves the build-up of water behind the wall, directing it to a catch basin and hence to the wetland.

The commissioners focused on the driveway, with Commissioner Tricia Smith commenting that she "would love to see the driveway on the other side of the stone wall." Scarbro parried Brownrigg's query with the explanation that it was a matter of both convenience and safety for his bicycle-riding son and McNary added that the old roadway was there and moving it would require considerable grading.

Smith asked what would buffer the wetland in the future, particularly if the property changed hands. She insisted that, with such "intense development" in the buffer zone, there had to be a clearly visible line included in order to avoid encroachment. Watson elaborated, "We want something more than a single indication; we want a clear physical demarcation such as a stone wall."

Explaining further, Smith said she was worried that guests would park along the driveway and wear down the edge. McNary suggested that boulders be placed about five feet off the drive, 20 feet apart, noting that a small vehicle could easily fit in the space between the markers. Smith bargained for a location three feet off and 15 feet apart, with heavy vegetation between to make it tighter.

Upon assurances from McNary to provide a revised plan showing a tighter barrier, the commission apporved the design.

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