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Friday, September 3, 2004


Heard around town
"Did you do anything special this summer?"

As lazy summer days draw to a close, it's time to check up on our neighbors around town. The Mosquito visited the Gleason Library and Carlisle Post Office to ask people about whether they had done anything special over the summer. A half dozen said "no," a few said "yes, they stayed home," and two people said they were just in town visiting. (Both people we spoke to at the post office mentioned the "excellent library" in Carlisle.)
"I went to Scandanavia for three weeks. My grandfather on my mother's side came from the islands. I had more second cousins there than I can count!"
- Miles Goff, Bedford Road

"We [with husband James] went on a Baltic cruise just for the fun of it. We went to Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Estonia, Oslo, and Stockholm."

- Betty Elgin, East Riding Drive

"I went to the south of France horse-back riding with some of my friends. It was a great trip. And I just came back from Nova Scotia with my husband. We went up the coast of Maine and up to Nova Scotia and then back."

- Pat Schannen, Prospect Street


"We just came back from Australia and New Zealand on vacation. I had an opportunity to meet some friends that were doing a medical conference in Sydney. We took a trip to Brisbane on the Gold Coast. It was wonderful. Then we went to Auckland, New Zealand. We were able to visit some Maori tribes and looked at some artifacts. It was very interesting."

- Gordon Bannister, Elizabeth Ridge Road

"I caught feral cats. I brought them in to be neutered, and then brought them back and released them so they wouldn't reproduce. I just noticed the feral cats, and someone had mentioned to me that there's an organization where they help you catch them and fix them. And now I'm involved."

- Lisa DeLong, Timothy Lane

"I went to Turkey to see my mother-in-law! We basically went to Istanbul to family with my husband and three kids (ages 10, 8, and 6). We did some sightseeing. It was a great trip."

- Joan Konuk, Davis Road

"I went to New York City to see the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero."

- Sharon Trainor, Rutland Street
"I celebrated my 25th anniversary in New Hampshire."

- Joanne Faucher, Old North Road
"I really enjoyed visiting the tall ships in Rhode Island with relatives. It was my birthday."

- David Flannery, Concord Road
"Liz — my wife — and I did a lot of small vacations. We kayaked. We went to Maine, New Hampshire, and the Cape. We basically stayed in New England. We found short trips a lot more relaxing."

- Ed LeClair, Baldwin Road

"Coming home from Creste Butte, Colorado [where the Bloomfields have a condo], we drive I-70 home which goes through Missouri. Myself, my three boys (12, 11, and 9), my dog, and my U-Haul stopped in St. Louis. The boys and I went to a Cardinals game. If you drive across the country and are a big baseball fan like myself, you see many baseball fields that are accessible from the highway. I probably saw five baseball fields going out last year, so this year I decided to get tickets. At a gas stop in Missouri, I found this postcard and thought of Carlisle."

- Nicole Bloomfield, Aberdeen Drive

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