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Friday, September 3, 2004


The heron version of surf and turf

Biodiversity Corner coordinator Kay Fairweather writes:

The Great Blue Heron was the topic of Biodiversity Corner on January 16, 2004, based on a sighting at the Cranberry Bog. The column described typical feeding behavior. Here is an interesting heron observation made by Tim Fohl of South Street. "Herons don't always do what we think. I have always had an image of Great Blue Herons standing in water waiting patiently for fish or frogs to grab with their sharp bills. Recently, however, a Heron has been roaming the lawn and fields adjacent to our pond snapping up small animals such as moles. It seems to have given up the aquatic menu entirely. Whether this is a new Heron or a change in behavior of a regular visitor I cannot say."

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