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Friday, August 13, 2004


The clock has finally run out on the Carlisle Woods affordable housing project proposed by Massapoag Real Estate Development, at least for now. The 40B application of the land-locked 4.37 acres off Maple Street was dismissed by the Board of Appeals on August 5. The applicant had been given more than 60 days to supply a new accurate site-approval letter and ...more

A group of Carlisle residents, including Ferns Country Store owner Larry Bearfield, is circulating a petition to make Carlisle undry. The petition separately asks two questions: shall licenses be granted for the sale of beer and wine, and shall licenses be granted for the sale of all alcoholic beverages? Ten percent of registered voters in Carlisle, about ...more

A wide-ranging discussion of housing options and costs dominated the August 3 meeting of the Benfield Planning Task Force, which is charged with developing a plan for affordable housing and one ball field on the South Street parcel. ...more

186 Rutland Street. The Board voted to continue the hearing on Richard Blanchard's application for a special permit for the construction of a common driveway for parcels adjacent to 186 Rutland Street, stating that further discussion with the fire chief is still required. The hearing will continue on August 16 at 8:45 p.m. ...more

A request for a special permit by Bonnie Jacobellis to board up to three horses at her barn at 164 Fiske Street was denied by the board of appeals. Jacobellis has a 4 1/2 acre property on which she already has a barn with two of her own horses. In 1985 Jacobellis received a special permit for one year for a similar operation. At renewal time the following ...more

Frequent momentary power outages and occasional longer outages have been plaguing Carlisle residents this summer. A telephone complaint to NStar after a recent two-hour outage brought a response from a technician who blamed the problem on a squirrel. As he explained it, if a squirrel or other creature creates a short between a wire and a pole, the power briefly ...more

A phone call from the state Department of Conservation and Recreation two weeks ago informed Carlisle farmers Mark and Tamma Duffy that the state had rejected the park's plea to cancel the $2 parking fee. ...more

With approvals from the Board of Appeals and the Historical Commission, the proposed new front porch for Ferns Country Store in the center of town has completed the lengthy application process. Earlier the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board, and the police and fire chiefs had reviewed the plans. ...more

Appointments. When the Carlisle Historical Commission met on July 27, David Chaffin took over as chair from Mary Ann Kitrosser, who remains on the board. Architect Larry A. Sorli was appointed to the board by the Selectmen, replacing architect Alan (Chip) Dewing who had served on the board for more than 20 years. ...more

Addition at 104 Log Hill Road

Beth and Bob Clark of 104 Log Hill Road appeared before the Board of Appeals on August 5 for a variance to construct an addition of 30 by 14 feet on the back of their house. Their house is on a non-conforming lot, falling within 40-feet of their neighbor, Dave Trask. This non-conformity was only recently discovered. Trask said he had no objection to the variance. ...more

Where do middle school students go to socialize after school? With few other options, kids often land at the Gleason Public Library, a fine place for quiet homework, but not so great if your intent is to chit chat. Kids milling around unsupervised "also raises issues such as who's responsible," says librarian Angela Reddin. "There seems to be ...more

Bus #15

Lowell St #5, 6:33; Lowell St #55, 6:34; Westford St cor Rockland Rd, 6:35; Westford St #360, 6:36; Munroe Hill Rd cor Aaron Way, 6:37; Munroe Hill Rd cor Nathan Ln, 6:38; Virginia Farm Rd #81, 6:39; Lowell St #239, 6:40; Lowell St cor Elizabeth Rdg, 6:41; Lowell St cor Litchfield Dr, 6:42; Lowell St cor Hickory Ln, 6:43; Lowell St cor Sunset Rd, 6:44; Lowell ...more

7:30 P.M. Town Hall

7:30 Minutes, agenda items ...more

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