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Friday, August 13, 2004


NStar blames the squirrels

Frequent momentary power outages and occasional longer outages have been plaguing Carlisle residents this summer. A telephone complaint to NStar after a recent two-hour outage brought a response from a technician who blamed the problem on a squirrel. As he explained it, if a squirrel or other creature creates a short between a wire and a pole, the power briefly shuts off to protect the system. If the animal then falls quickly, the short is eliminated and the power resumes automatically, causing only a momentary outage. If, however, the unfortunate squirrel gets stuck while creating the short, the system shuts down. Then the NStar technicians have to physically locate the problem area and make the repairs.

This week an NStar representative called back to say that NStar is planning to make some improvements to the system that will help reduce the frequency of power outages. This work is to start "soon."

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