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Friday, August 13, 2004


Shorts from the Planning Board, July 19

186 Rutland Street. The Board voted to continue the hearing on Richard Blanchard's application for a special permit for the construction of a common driveway for parcels adjacent to 186 Rutland Street, stating that further discussion with the fire chief is still required. The hearing will continue on August 16 at 8:45 p.m.

Great Brook Estates Subdivision. The Board voted to remove lots A, B, and E from the covenant of the Great Brook Estates Definitive Subdivision Plan after applicant Ira Gould gave an overview of the Plan and remaining drainage issues at the site. The driveway of lot D had originally required a culvert to be installed according to the Plan, but the driveway was paved over before it could be installed. Gould requested that the Board's engineer review the situation to determine whether a culvert was still necessary, or if the Plan could be amended. The Board noted that Lots 1A and F would still be subject to the covenant, and were sufficient to secure any work that would be necessary.

967 West Street and parcels adjacent to 894 West Street. The Board had not received a completed application from applicant Northland Residential Corp. for two common driveway special permits at 967 West Street and parcels adjacent to 894 West Street, but assigned an engineer to review this project.

Hemlock Hill Estates Subdivision. At the request of Attorney Ralph Copeland, the Board agreed to release Lot 17 from the Hemlock Hill Estates Definitive Subdivision Plan, recognizing that due to an oversight, the lot was not released from an agreement dated September 30, 1976. Attorney Copeland is trying to clear title to the property.

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