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Friday, July 30, 2004


Carlisle's scenic roads

If you live on one of Carlisle's 20 designated scenic roads, cutting down trees may not be as simple as getting out a saw; the first thing you need to do is get out your plot plan. The town owns up to 50 feet from the center of the roadway and scenic elements, including trees and stone walls, are protected. As the road itself can take 25-30 feet; that leaves about 10 feet on either side that the town may control. Residents living on a scenic road that identify a dead tree under the town's jurisdiction should contact the Planning Board about removal. Removal of live trees requires consultation with Tree Warden Gary Davis.

Carlisle has designated the following as scenic roads:

Acton Street Brook Street

Cross Street Curve Street

Concord Street East Street

Fisk Street Lowell Street

Maple Street North Road

Pope Road Prospect St.

River Road Russell Street

Rutland Street School Street

Skelton Road South Street

Sunset Road West Street

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