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Friday, July 30, 2004

Old Home Day helps children put down roots

To the Editor:

Old Home Day was again a great success. It is one of those rare opportunities in our town to celebrate "community" and our greater shared values. Needless to say it is also an opportunity to appreciate townsfolk who have dedicated themselves to Carlisle. Most importantly perhaps, Old Home Day is our only opportunity each year to show our children the societal and political face of the town we live in. It gives them a sense of home — not just the home they retire to each evening and take for granted, but the cultural home that they share with all their friends, family and family of friends. Old Home Day is the cultural media where our children put down their roots and, hopefully, learn to love and appreciate the values of small-town America and the huge reservoir of community spirit at work and play that makes a town a home and Old Home Day what it is.

John Lee
Lowell Stree

Old Home Day volunteers and contributors thanked

To the Editor:

The most recent Mosquito carried several letters and articles expressing gratitude and appreciation for the countless hours given by so many dedicated volunteers to Old Home Day 2004. While we're on the subject, we want to thank the many, many residents and friends of Carlisle who kicked in a buck (or several) into the Old Home Day bucket we had on our counter at Ferns Country Store for several weeks which resulted in an additional $2,005 given to OHD. The record-setting dollars raised from our customers and the store are above and beyond the regular OHD fundraising efforts and will help kickoff Old Home Day 2005 marking our Town's 200th Anniversary! Congratulations to everyone who helped. . . ours is truly a caring and sharing town!

Larry Bearfield
Robin Emerson
Lowell Roadt

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