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Friday, July 16, 2004


Open meeting planned on Benfield Parcel A

According to a phone conversation with Selectman John Ballantine, Chair of the Benfield Parcel A Task Force, a public meeting to review progress will be planned for a Saturday in August. Ballantine says at this time the committee can provide an update on the progress they have made as well as engage and receive input from people in town.

The task force's organizational meeting in June was followed by a site visit on July 1. The committee and several neighbors met to walk the land with an engineer from Metro West, the firm doing the initial site analysis. The purpose of the site visit was for the committee to familiarize itself with the issues of the property: possible locations of the proposed buildings, parking, wetland delineations, water supply regulations, areas of open space, and placement of an area for active recreation. The task force continues to review information collected by other committees such as the Community Preservation Act Committee and tests previously performed on the property.

The eight members of the Benfield Parcel A Task Force are moving on a schedule to be ready to present a plan at the 2005 Spring Town Meeting.

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