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Friday, July 16, 2004


Summer burglaries occur in area

Burglaries usually increase during the summer months and this year is no exception. Lieutenant John Sullivan encourages residents to be on the alert for suspicious individuals and to let the police know of suspicious individuals or events.

Last week there were two attempted burglaries in Carlisle, and in both instances entry was gained by cutting through the screen door. In the first house this triggered the alarm and the burglars fled. In the second house, on the other side of town, the burglars gained entry, took what they wanted, and got away. Carlisle police were also notified of an armed robbery in Billerica.

Unregistered solicitors are another cause of concern. The old selling-magazines-to-make-money-to- work-my-way-through-college scam is with us again. Two residents reported an individual who turned out not to be registered as a solicitor with the police and was not known at the residence given. All legitimate solicitors should be registered with the police, so a question to the solicitors about their status or a call to 1-978-369-1155 inquiring about their status, will help the police do their job and in turn protect the resident.

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