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Friday, July 16, 2004


OHD pie baking and cake decorating results

Decorated cakes are on display for judging in Union Hall. (Photo by Rik Pierce)



1st chocolate buttermilk: Blair Robinson

Fruit & Berry
1st Fresh Blueberry: Marjorie Johnson
2nd Blueberry Glacé: Donna Margolies
3rd Nectarine Blackberry: Annette Lee


1st Lemon Meringue: Jane Anderson
2nd Double Musky: Lindley Gifford


1st "My Garden": Cathy Galligan
Adult Cake Decorating

1st "My Garden": Cathy Galligan
2nd "Fun with rodents": Bob Orlando
3rd "Mosquitoville": Amanda Hickman

Youth Cake Decorating
1st "Carlisle Breakfast": Katie Hendrickson
2nd " Yankees S _ _ k": Tilly Barnett Amelia Barnett and Katie Mills
3rd "Superbowl Champs": Lily and Anna Jewell

"Soapbox racer": Kathleen Orlando

Honorable mention

"The Farm" : Amelia Cox, Ali Forelli, Michelle Coughlin
"4th of July" : Emma Brandhorst

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