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Friday, July 2, 2004


Carlisle Middle School softball

The Carlisle Middle School softball team finished second in the Nashoba Valley League with a record of 7—3. Hanscom was our main competition; we had the opportunity to play them three times, losing to them two times by one run, but winning the final game by two runs. Our other loss was to Diamond (Lexington) which was not a league game.

Overall the team consisted of many strong and competitive players. Our aggressive base-running helped us to score many runs against our competition. We were able to get on base with our power hitting. Everyone dominated in this area. On an average game, we were able to score 18 runs, as our opponents scored an average of 9 runs. As for fielding, our quickness shut down our competition's ability to score.

The pitching was led by the eighth-grade trio of Lauren LaLiberte (co-captain), Felisha Patel, and Elisabeth Karafotias. These three pitchers were focused and ready to lead their team to victory. Pitching plays a key role in every game at this level of competition.

The eighth-grade infielders contributed great depth to the team. Erin Hassey took control of third base, throwing out three girls in one game against Lincoln. Nikki Wortel at shortstop used her flicks to second base to stop the lead runners. Our catcher, Caroline Casey, co-captain, prevented the opponents from stealing home. Our outfielders, Kate Ostrowski and Alice Tattersall, shut down the competition's fly balls and gave support to our infielders.

The seventh graders, Casey Tarca, Emma Lunig, Haley George and Sam Hankey, played both infield and outfield. With their strong throws and power hits, they contribute to our many victories. We look forward to their return next year.

The sixth graders, Abby Ostrom, Kenzie Dray, Georgia Guttadauro, Kerrie Bourque, and Caroline Deignan, were strong players in the infield. Their scrappy base-running and their upbeat spirits kept the team alive and going.

Special thanks to our managers: Katie Mills, Nicola Carey and Brooke Carpenter. Thank you for all your help and support.

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