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Friday, July 2, 2004


CCHS girls teams boast solid records and individual talent

CCHS softball second in league

DCL All-Star softball players from CCHS made it to the state championship semi-finals. Left to right are Captain Brittany Ogden, Kim Miner, Lisa DeBruzzi, Sydney Levan and Eliza Jacobellis. Samantha Luther is in front. (Photo by John DeBruzzi)
Despite the loss of their starting line-up from last season, the new and young girls varsity softball team overcame the odds, and re-established its place in the Dual County League this year. It had a winning DCL record of 13-3, (placing second in the league) and an overall record of 17-6. The team only had five returning players this year, only one of which was a starter.

Shortstop Eliza Jacobellis. (Photo by Carol Bailey)

Carlisle junior Eva Jellison played outfield and third base and was one of the returning players from last year's team. Junior Katie Brown was brought up to play varsity for the state tournament and was put in as a pinch-runner along with freshmen Meredith Popolo. Sophomore Sam Luther had a great season playing in right outfield and was another returning player along with sophomore Abbie Rolando who played second base. Freshman Lisa DeBruzzi also had an amazing season as the team's catcher and was named one of the Dual County League All-Stars. Eliza Jacobellis was another freshman addition to the team and played an aggressive shortstop. With only one senior leaving this year, the team has great expectations for next season.


Girls track third in league

Six Carlisle girls in Emass meet

The girls track and field team has come a long way from last year's season. The girls placed third in the Dual County League and had a number of athletes qualify for EMASS (Eastern Massachusetts Divisional Meet). Many Carlisle girls contributed to the team, seniors Kristin Bergstrom (pole vault, short sprints), Tara Callahan (short sprints), Evelyn Caruson (distance, mile), Meredith Eaton (triple jump) and Caitlin Quinn (distance, mile). Juniors included Caitlin Holland (hurdles, sprints), Chrissy Lyons (short sprints) and Shir Sadan (short sprints). Sophomores on the team were Danielle Geoffroy (short sprints), Elise Lehotsky (hurdles), Cassi Knight (distance, long sprints), Jill McElligott (sprints), and Laura Scholten (sprints, javelin, discus). Freshmen girls were Olivia Cooney (distance, long sprints), Estelle Faulkner (distance, long sprints), Tess Guttadauro (short sprints, javelin), Kathleen Walsh (short sprints) and Emily Yu (short sprints). Six girls qualified for the EMASS meet; qualifiers included Bergstrom in pole vault, Eaton in triple jump, Cooney in the mile, Holland for 300m hurdles (she also ran in the 4x400m relay that placed fourth), Knight placed third in the two-mile and ran in the 4x800m relay that placed third as well, and McElligott in the 400m open and 4x400m relay. Three girls also qualified for the state meet: Knight qualified in the two-mile and 4x800m relay, and McElligott and Holland ran in the 4x400m relay as well.

Girls lacrosse cradles Andover victory

The girls varsity lacrosse team had a great season this spring with the help of Carlisle athletes senior Jen Morin and junior Sam O'Keefe. Morin was one of the two goalies for the team this year. Morin has been an extremely disciplined player this season, on and off the field. One of this season's highlights was Concord-Carlisle's game against Andover which was seeded fourth in the state tournament. CC was winning going into the second half, and Morin came in to play the other half. She made five major saves, allowing the team to hold on to their victory over Andover. This was Sam's first year on varsity this year; she became the starting center, and was the team's second-leading scorer with a total of 28 goals, 19 assists adding to 47 points this season. O'Keefe was also voted "Rookie of the Year" by her teammates. The team itself had an overall record of 6-11-1 and a Dual County League record of 5-8-1 placing sixth in the league.

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