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Friday, June 25, 2004


Bill Bovey is a self-described country boy who grew up in Carlisle, left it for the city, and returned decades later. But he was hardly the typical Carlisle kid, and the Boveys were a rather exceptional family. ...more

Paula Ewers, middle school language arts teacher

A thumbnail sketch of her career: "I started teaching in Carlisle in the fall of 1991. I taught sixth grade language arts for my first six years, and eighth grade for seven years after that. Before coming to Carlisle, I had taught at schools in Lowell, Virginia, and Burlington. When I first completed my master's degree, I couldn't find a teaching ...more

This school has seen many an eighth grade class pass through its doors, but our class is ... well, something else. We're a little bit quirky, a little bit crazy and really loud! In the nine years most of our class has been here, we've had some really great teachers, met some really great friends, and had some really great memories. Each class and each teacher ...more

"Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." This is just one example of the many important things we have learned during our years here in Carlisle. Our teachers haven't just taught us about math equations and thesis ...more

Name: Baltimore Oriole or Icterus galbula, member of the blackbird family and related to the grackles and cowbirds. There are other orioles in the genus, Icterus. This one is called the Baltimore Oriole not because it can be found in Baltimore but because the coat-of-arms of the First Baron of Baltimore, Sir George Calvert, were black and orange. ...more

Last week the Mosquito asked if anyone could identify this bird, seen by Darrol DeLong of Fern Lane, who took this photo of a bird that appeared in his yard. It made an extremely loud cry. It never attempted to fly away. ...more

When I read in the Mosquito that a Soap Box Derby will be held during Old Home Day, I e-mailed race organizers and offered to volunteer. I explained that, although it happened 57 years earlier, in another town and in another state, I won the Soap Box Derby and competed in the national finals in Akron, Ohio. Michael Jackson asked me to be an Honorary Judge ...more

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