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Friday, June 25, 2004


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, June 16

Systems Thinking book. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson announced the publication of the Systems Thinking book, The Shape of Change by Carlisle School Systems mentors Alan Ticotsky and Rob Quaden. School Committee member Wendell Sykes asked who the target audience is. "It's a workbook for teachers, to use for students," explained Fox-Melanson. "It's not going to make the bestseller list at Amazon," she joked. It has instructions for different grade levels and how to implement lessons. "We are very proud of it because it is more accessible than many of the systems thinking materials," added Fox-Melanson.

Old Home Day donation. In gratitude to the "outstanding contribution by the children in the elementary art program under the most capable and organized guidance of Courtney Grimm (Graham)," the Old Home Day Committee donated $200 for the school's art programs. "We thank Courtney for all the work she has done on this," said Fox-Melanson.

School lunch in the black. For the first time in her memory, Fox-Melanson said, the school lunch program made a profit. "The $9,000 is not really profit," explained Carlisle School Business Manager Steve Moore, because it will be used to replace equipment. But the money means the cafeteria is self-supporting, he said. One of the biggest changes is the reduction of à la carte options, which led to an increase in full lunch purchases, thereby reducing the amount of "junk" being purchased. Additionally, the number of adult lunches purchased went from approximately 2,500 to over 6,000. Fox-Melanson credited Moore for the improvements.

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