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Friday, June 25, 2004


Co-Principal Goyer retires; Goodwin promoted to principal

Carlisle Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson informed the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) on June 16 that Co-Principal Andy Goyer will be retiring this June. "We thank you for all the service you have done all these years," she said to Goyer, who was not at the meeting.

The discussion then turned to the merits of the current co-principal administrative structure versus the principal and assistant principal positions the school had in the past. "While both co-principals do a wonderful job, I would recommend restoring the principal and assistant principal positions," Fox-Melanson said.

Committee member David Dockterman, reflecting on why the school had an assistant principal in the past, said, "I think the need for an assistant principal has grown," citing the tasks Co-Principal Steven Goodwin has done in the past, including chairing SPED meetings. CSC member Wendell Sykes suggested the curriculum coordinators and SPED leaders become more involved with some of the traditional assistant principal roles, such as day-to-day contact with students.

"I'm enthusiastic with you moving up to that position [principal]," said Sykes to Goodwin. "I haven't made that recommendation yet," interrupted Fox-Melanson, "but I will."

"If we want to have one [an assistant principal], we need to make the decision now," recommended Dockterman, noting now is the time to advertise for the vacant position. "I think the last time you advertised for assistant principal it worked out well," joked Goodwin, who was assistant principal before becoming co-principal. After everyone laughed, Sykes suggested the job description be "more inclusive," not just focused on maintaining discipline as in traditional assistant principal positions. "Just one percent is discipline," pointed out Goodwin.

"I am appointing Steven Goodwin to principal," announced Fox-Melanson. Goodwin was congratulated by the School Committee on his appointment.

Ed note: An interview with Co-Principal Andy Goyer will appear in a future issue.

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