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Friday, June 25, 2004


Class speakers share memories of past years at the Carlisle School

This school has seen many an eighth grade class pass through its doors, but our class is ... well, something else. We're a little bit quirky, a little bit crazy and really loud! In the nine years most of our class has been here, we've had some really great teachers, met some really great friends, and had some really great memories. Each class and each teacher has supplied us with great knowledge we will take with us for the rest of our learning careers.

In our language arts class, we studied not only grammar, but also the importance of memories and differences. Ms. Ewers is one of the only teachers we can remember that is always able to get our class to buckle down, and have serious and beneficial discussions. We started the year by reading The Giver, a book which deals with making individual decisions in a community of sameness. This is not only a part of the curriculum, but also part of our lives as adolescents. We have to make our own decisions in our own unique lives, and we must resist the pressures to fit into a prefabricated box of the typical adolescent. The Giver then led into literature circles (small reading groups) where we read such novels as Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, and Ender's Game. From this exercise, we learned the importance of learning from our peers. All throughout the year, our curriculum has tied into our final unit, the Holocaust. Ms. Ewers presented this time in history through independent reading and class discussion around the memoir of Elie Wiesel, Night. This last term has been a poignant, memorable time. We thank you, Ms. Ewer, for opening our minds and expanding our outlook on life.

Good friends gather together after the ceremony.Left to right are Elise Lamoreaux, Jennifer Philippou, Felisha Patel, Sarah Hoffman and Shannan Mahoney. (Photo by Mike Quayle)

Our science class this year has been something special. The first time we entered Tree's room, we were in shock - no, not from the boatloads of homework but from all of the scattered papers and layers of dust covering the memorabilia from previous years! As the year progressed, we were less taken by the mess, and more bewildered by our test scores! Tree's catchphrase, "You'll get nothing and like it," really applied to those first few tests! As the year went on, we were not only able to learn physics, but to blow up test tubes, light hazardous materials on fire, and retrieve our boomerangs from the middle of the street. Thank you, Tree, for a truly unique and memorable year.

Leaving seventh grade, we realized how hard an act Mr. Zuckermann would be to follow! Mr. Miller has lived up to all those expectations and more, and has done a fabulous job teaching us everything from U.S. government, to current events, to human behavior. At a first glance, you only see his serious, dedicated facade of a teacher; but spend one day in his classroom and his complete personality shines through. He always has hilarious, subtle wisecracks and jokes to add to the classroom environment. We've had class debates with our friends, and several papers and presentations and that's all become one fun ride. Thank you, Mr. Miller, for your knowledge, your textbooks, and your wisecracks!

At the end of seventh grade, we were warned by the graduating eighth graders and teachers alike of how difficult eighth grade math would be. But we've come to realize that it's not half bad. We've learned a lot, and what are a few failed tests in the scheme of things? In these past few months, we've learned a few variables that we'll carry on for the rest of our lives, such as the infamous quadratic

formula. This, we've learned, is the secret to life, the universe and anything mathematical! A few days ago, we took the final exam. As we said in early May, it would determine whether we lived or died. On Thursdays and Fridays, we look forward to being taught by Ms. Beauchamp. She was always kind, helpful and caring, and we're not just saying this because she gives us candy! We thank you, Ms. B, for tolerating our boisterous class, and thank you, Mr. Quaden, for also tolerating us, and the nickname we gave you: the QUADMASTER500.

All through elementary school, we would walk past the Brick Building and wonder what inside was so important that all the big kids went in. In sixth grade we found out, it was ... Mr. Negrin, aka Negrin, Neg, Neggie, and "Neg get over here, I'm bleeding!" It really isn't as bad as you think. All of us came home with beautiful projects; a few lost fingers are a small price to payfor an original piece ofart. Thank you, Neg, for giving us three years of confusion, fun and priceless memories!

Not only in middle school have we had a team of phenomenal teachers, but in elementary school as well. Ever since kindergarten, we've been led by a group of nurturing men and women who have guided us as we have grown. Thank you to the elementary school teachers for your guidance throughout the years.

This year is unusual, not only because we are moving on, but three of our teachers are moving on as well. Ms. Ewers, Mr. Trierweiler, Mrs. Fox- Melanson, and Mr. Negrin. We wish you the best of luck as you move on to new triumphs.

Our friends have been such a huge part of our lives; we can't begin to recognize all the memories we have shared. We've performed in the Rain Forest play in kindergarten, and Guys and Dolls in seventh grade. We've been to the beach to learn about tide pools in kindergarten, and Outdoor Ed in sixth grade. We've learned how to add and subtract, and now we can compute the Pythagorean Theorem. We've learned how to read and write, and now we are writing and reading our own stories. We've presented Native American projects, now we have presented global warming projects. We used to go to play dates, now we go to dances. For almost a decade, and almost two-thirds of our lives so far have been spent at this school. We've lost friends, and we've gained friends, but over all, the integrity of our graduating class of 2004 hasn't changed. We look forward to seeing you all at CCHS, and we will miss those of you who are leaving our school system.

Thank you to all of our families for helping us thrive as we've grown up. Thank you to all the staff, and all of our teachers for a fantastic nine years at Carlisle Public School, we will miss you all.

2004 The Carlisle Mosquito