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Friday, June 18, 2004


"Anyone can be a father. It takes a special man to be a Dad," the saying (or is it a Hallmark card?) goes. And based on some of the information we've been receiving about the fathers in Carlisle, we have more than the usual supplies of Dads in our town. Certainly one way to tell a true Dad is by the timeand the quality of that timehe spends with ...more

Linda Clark

second-grade teacher

A thumbnail sketch of her career: "I've taught second grade for the past eight years. Before that, I was a kindergarten teacher here for seven years. So I've been at the Carlisle School for fifteen years in all. Before former Superintendent Matt King hired me, I was the director of the Red Balloon Nursery School across the street." ...more

No, it's not an abandoned mine or an empty tomb. It's a tunnel, it's in Carlisle, and to most of you, not a mystery at all. We received more responses on this particular subject than any other we've featured in "Where in Carlisle's" (short) history. ...more

Now that the good weather has come, along with the marathon, the Bonne Bell, the track season, and the onslaught of mosquitoes, I notice more and more people running up and down my street. I realize that, in Carlisle, some people equate running with fleeing from the mosquitoes in your underwear, but some people actually enjoy it. ...more

Several weeks ago, as I entered our shower stall, I noticed a black spider on the floor of the stall. Being concerned about a possible black widow spider, I decided to remove the spider before showering. I coaxed it into a transparent plastic container for closer observation. After consulting some of our identification guides (1,2), I concluded that it was ...more

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