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Friday, June 18, 2004


Shorts from the Conservation Commission, June 10

• Bedford Road. Stamski and McNary engineer George Dimakarakos offered a revised plan for replacement of an existing home, filed by Robert Maglone of Miracle Building Company. The enhanced specifications addressed a number of issues that had surfaced at the continued hearing on May 27.

The changed plans represented a compromise that moved the footprint for the new house about 12 feet further from the wetland and showed a four-foot retaining wall to mark the "limit-of-use" in the back yard, beyond which there would be a naturalized area, but no development. Member Tom Brownrigg requested that a proposed tree-planting not include Norway maples, "because they are so invasive that you end up with maple trees all over the place." A note to that effect was added to the Standard Order of Conditions.

• Carriage Way. Laura and Warren Howard presented a request for an amendment to an Order of Conditions issued to former owners but never completed. That order had specified placement of a line of boulders to mark the end of their "zone of use," where the lot approached the wetland. However, the couple revealed that a large swale, not present in the original specs, now constituted a natural barrier, and that the addition of boulders would do more harm than good to a thoroughly vegetated feature. The Commission voted "to kill two birds with one stone" by issuing a Certificate of Compliance that referenced the changed conditions.

• Pheasant Hill Lane. Engineer Dimakarakos returned to the table to discuss a Notice of Intent filed by Melba Schellenberger. The project involved grading in an area associated with construction of an addition to a dwelling, and installation of a new "soil absorption" type of disposal system. Dimakarakos noted that the existing erosion control structure had been "tweaked" to assure stabilization of a three-to-one slope. The NOI was approved contingent on final approval by the Board of Health.

• Craigie Circle. Barry and Carolyn Copp received a quick okay for construction of an uncomplicated addition to their existing kitchen.

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