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Friday, June 18, 2004


Selectmen close hearing on school wastewater plant

At their meeting on June 15, the Board of Selectmen voted to approve the site plan of Carlisle Public School's wastewater treatment plant by a vote of 3-0 with two members abstaining because they were not present for all of the public hearing process. Paul Clinghan, vice president of Hoyle, Tanner and Associates, consulting engineers for the project, presented a revised access road design that meets the 10% grade requirements agreed upon at the May 11 meeting. A list of conditions proposed by the Planning Board at their review was also included.

Member Deb Belanger questioned the need for the paved portion of the access road to be 18 feet wide, considering the fact that many public roads in Carlisle are narrower. Fire Chief Dave Flannery explained the importance of providing space for laying hose alongside a bulky tanker truck in case of fire at the facility, and strongly recommended that the 18 foot width be required.

Belanger then suggested a compromise whereby a less costly narrower paved segment with wide shoulders could provide a combined total of 18 feet. Flannery looked skeptical, citing doubts that the gravel shoulder would provide adequate support, but appeared willing to consider the compromise. Chair Tim Hult emphasized that the Selectmen had no intention of overruling the wishes of the Fire Chief, but hoped that a safe and economic solution could be worked out between reasonable individuals.

The Selectmen recommended that "stamped asphalt" be used on the paved portion of the 10% grade to discourage recreational use (i.e. skateboarders). Emphasizing the need for a speedy decision to preclude the loss of state matching funds, the Selectmen then approved the site plan and closed the public hearing.

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