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Friday, June 18, 2004


Tentative agreement reached on CCHS teachers' contract

The Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee announced that they have reached a tentative agreement with the CCTA (Concord Carlisle Teacher's Association) for a new three-year contract. "We finished a marathon session at midnight" on June 8, said Regional School Committee chair Michael Fitzgerald. When asked if he knew the status of discussions the CCTA were holding, he replied, "That's the last we have heard."

Association president Andrei Joseph, reached for comment last Monday, was unable to provide details "until the contract is signed," he explained. It is expected that the union members, whose previous contract expired in July of 2003, will vote on the terms of the contract soon.

Members of the CCTA have been seen picketing in the Carlisle rotary as well as at high school events. Some teachers refused to write college recommendations for juniors until a new contract is signed.

When asked how the School Committee was feeling about the terms of the settlement, Fitzgerald said, "We informally talked, but like everyone, we are waiting to hear from the association. I think the School Committee is behind the negotiating team and our stance." The School Committee's negotiating team consisted of Fitzgerald, School Committee members Pat Sinnott and Betsy Bilodeau, school attorney Peter Ebb, and John Flaherty, CCHS director of finances.

Either group can ratify the contract first, Fitzgerald explained. "Both sides must put it before their organizations. For final approval we will need a majority vote from the School Committee and the association."

The School Committee's next scheduled meeting is June 22. "I assume we will talk about the contract in executive session," said Fitzgerald.

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