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Friday, June 18, 2004

Enforce transfer fees fairly

To the Editor:

I make my living in this town and this involves a substantial number of visits to the transfer station to unload rotted decks, old windows, and other construction debris. There is now a $50 fee imposed per pickup load (over three barrels) of such trash. Whether or not this is a fair amount is not my topic, although it certainly might be argued that our tax rate should be sufficient to qualify this as an unnecessary surcharge. My question is one to which I have not yet been successful in obtaining a straight answer. As it is my observation that this charge is currently sought from only a small percentage of users, is there any plan in place for consistent enforcement?

I do not propose that the keepers of the gate (DPW employees) be placed in the unfair position of having to act as enforcers, as I believe this will only lead to a confrontational atmosphere in one of our town's few meeting spots. However, I do believe it is time to institute a plan that is fair to all. I watched three pickup trucks unload this morning, one bearing NH license plates with an unattached sticker on the dashboard. As I write this, I am informed that no permits were sold yet today. I don't know if a paid police detail would be the answer, but it certainly created some revenue when one of Carlisle's finest spent a recent Saturday enforcing the law relating to regular transfer station stickers.

My comments are not self-serving because I do pass this fee on to my customers. Consequently, they are paying a fee to the town that is unequally applied and is therefore unjust.

Frank Sargent
Restoration Painting and Carpentry, Inc.
Lowell Street

East Street pathway coming soon

To the Editor:

Four years ago, June, I submitted a letter to the Mosquito editor titled "East Street pathway?," in support of the plan to make a section of East Street the next priority after the Bedford Road "school loop" in constructing roadside pedestrian pathways. I was very pleased to read that at its May 26 meeting the Board of Selectmen approved the request for $55,550 to complete construction of the Bedford Road and East Street pathways. The East Street pathway is to extend 0.5 miles to Partridge Lane.

In the meantime I joined the Pedestrian/Bike Safety Advisory Committee. I've sat through many meetings dealing with the details of the path along sections of Bedford Road I rarely travel. So, now it is quite exciting to have a pathway serving my section of town on the agenda.

However, there are no other residents from East Street or its side streets as members of the committee. I therefore urge interested residents from this section of Carlisle to attend the next Pedestrian/Bike Safety Advisory Committee on Monday, June 21, at 7:30 pm in the Heald Room of Town Hall and to consider joining the committee for a one-year commitment of July 2004 through June 2005, during which the East Street pathway is expected to be planned and constructed.

While I greatly admire the commitment of long-term members of the committee, in future years as the pathways get constructed on the other main roads, I would hope that other neighborhood residents step forth to volunteer their time as well. New blood and new energy each year on this committee will make the pathways a truly successful, broad-based project.

More information is available at the committee web site:

Heather Behn Hedden
Pedestrian/Bike Safety Advisory Committee Secretary
East Riding Drive

Thanks for Passing It Forward

To the Editor:

I'd like to thank all of the residents of Carlisle who participated in Pass It Forward Day last Saturday. The charities that were represented, including the Household Goods Recycling Ministry, Cradles to Crayons, the Host to International Students at MIT, the Bedford VA, Solutions at Work, and the Domestic Violence Victims' Advocate Program, greatly appreciated the effort you made to find and haul the items that are badly needed by the people they serve. They came away with an abundance of donations and hoped that you felt a sense of satisfaction by contributing.

The next time you see Mary Zoll, Carol Foster, Jill Henderson, Dick Davis, David and Jo-anne Driscoll, Weezy Petrie, and Tess Guttadauro, please give them a nod of appreciation for collecting, lugging, and transferring all of the donations.

In addition, I'd like to thank the Household Recycling Committee for its willingness to sponsor this event, and Gary Davis and Herb Campbell for their help at the transfer station.

Please feel free to contact any of the charities mentioned above if you have items to donate before our next event. Also, if you would like to represent a charity at the next Pass It Forward Day, please contact me at 1-978-369-5291. See you next spring!

Amy Fennick
River Road

Friday Night Live had a great year

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Youth Commission would like to take this opportunity to thank all the middle school students who attended our monthly sessions of Friday Night Live held in the Corey Gym. Our present 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes should be proud of the way they conducted themselves at these events. Incidents of inappropriate behavior were at an all

time low. Nice effort by everyone.

We would also like to thank all of the parents of middle sckool children who have donated their time chaperoning Friday Night Live. Without our volunteers to assist us in our efforts, Friday Night Live could not function. Thank you again for your continued efforts, they are greatly appreciated by your children and by the Youth Commission. Just before the next school year starts in the fall, we will be sending out information about Friday Night Live for our returning 7th and 8th grade classes as well as our new incoming 6th grade class. Look for lots of new stuff coming to Friday Night Live next year!

At this time we would like to congratulate the Class of 2004. Good luck in the future!

Kathy Hassey
Carlisle Youth Commission Chair
Fifty Acre Way

I will not pass by

To the Editor:

During a church service we sang a song with the above title. The words and music are by Joyce Poley. In my way of not passing by, I pass this verse on to you.

From behind dark glasses she pretends no one sees

Bitter is her shame

All of his anger is focused on her

For he says that she is to blame

And now she fears for her children too

But she doesn't think she can leave

So how can we make the cycle stop

And help a neighbor in need

There is a Rachel Box in the Carlisle post office with information on how to obtain help.

Tom Dunkers
Member of Men Against Domestic Abuse and Control
East Street

Thank you, Red Balloon

To the Editor:

Here it is the end of another school year with a fine graduation ceremony now, just a memory. High School ? Eighth Grade ? No... The Red Balloon Preschool! After four short years our tenure at the Red Balloon Co-op has come to an end. It will be very much missed in our daily routine. The Co-operative setting has allowed us to continue to be a part of our children's lives while they got their first taste of a school environment. It was wonderful to move into a new town and connect with many like-minded parents who wanted to be involved in their young children's education. Cozily tucked away in the lower level of the First Religious Society for the past 35 years, we knew the Red Balloon Preschool was doing something right and we had to be a part of it! We would like to thank the director, Sally Jackson, and her caring staff for providing the right mix of fun and learning for our son and daughter.

Mike and Liz Bishop
Kimball Road

Extended Day thanks supporters

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Carlisle Extended Day Program we would like to thank everyone who made our first Krispy Kreme Fundraiser a big success! We sold over 100 boxes of doughnuts to the community.

Due to your generous support, the Carlisle Extended Day Program will be able to purchase equipment, fund activities, and make improvements on our facility at 145 East Street.

Kathy Simpson, Westford Street
Mary Bishop, Martin Street
Denise Sturtz, East StreetExtended Day thanks supporters

Writer thanks 911 responders

To the Editor:

We would like to express our gratitude to the police officers and EMTs who answered our 911 call last Friday. It is comforting to know that the emergency response teams in our town are professional and dedicated to helping others. The two officers who arrived first were confident and composed. I'm afraid I did not get their names, but we thank you both. George Middleton and Frank Sargent arrived next and administered first aid and then took us in the ambulance to Emerson Hospital. I suppose it was all in a day's work, but watching from inside the ambulance, I could see the concentration and training behind every action.

This will make the barbecue at the Firehouse on Old Home Day that much tastier for us this year.

Gary Videlock, Holly Prentice, Maggie and Sadina
Nathan Lane

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