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Friday, June 11, 2004


Carlisle police officers receive regional and national awards

Two Carlisle policemen, Lieutenant John Sullivan and Inspector Scott Barnes, received awards for their contributions to Operation Home Free, a multi-agency probe of individuals and organizations "involved in drug trafficking and other crimes." On May 27 Lieutenant John Sullivan and Inspector Scott Barnes received the Major John F. Reagan Award for their part in the Operation Home Free investigation. On June 3, at meeting of the New England Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force in Newport, Rhode Island, the two officers also were awarded plaques for their contribution to the same Home Free investigation.

Home Free targeted the international Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 25, and was the continuation of a long series of investigations of Charlestown, Massachusetts, individuals and organizations. The operation led to the arrest of many individuals, including the president of the Teamsters Union, and involved countless individuals and agencies in the New England area. The Reagan Award citation listed contributions by the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. attorneys, U.S. Department of Labor and the Carlisle, Massachusetts Police.

The Carlisle Police Department became involved in the larger Home Free project through its investigation of a kidnapping on Brook Street on April 17, 1998, that was linked to individuals Home Free was investigating in Charlestown. Frank Rossi, arrested in Carlisle in 1993 on other charges and in prison until October 2001, had his incoming phone calls recorded while he was in prison (62 cassette tapes of them).

Sullivan was modest about the awards; there was, after all, a long list of individuals recognized for their part in the success of Home Free, he said.

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