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Friday, June 4, 2004


I want to make clear that I have never served in the military. That is an experience that some of you may have had, and you know better than anyone about the commitment and sacrifice you madebut what I hope to do for the people who haven't served, is to give a little sense of what it is likeor at least looks like to an observer. ...more

On the eve of her retirement, Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson looks back at thirteen years in Carlisle

Frequently, a promotion in the workplace comes with a move to a better office: one that is roomier, more private, has a better view. When Davida Fox-Melanson received word of her promotion from Assistant Superintendent/Principal to Superintendent, she had just one request. She wanted to keep the office she was already occupying. ...more

Sports Illustrated's Ed Swift examines trends in sports

There are plenty of people who would envy Ed Swift's job as a senior writer for Sports Illustrated. Swift lives in Carlisle with his family, but travels worldwide, covering all kinds of sporting events. When he spoke at the annual meeting of Carlisle Communications, Inc. (CCI) on May 20, he fielded a wide variety of questions on trends in sports and the media. ...more

In an idyllic community like Carlisle, it's easy to believe that our children are safe from the perils afflicting other kids in the nation. For example, eating disorders are on the rise, and suicide ranks as the second leading cause nationally of death of teens according to the panel brought together on April 26 at the Concord Elks. A recent survey conducted ...more

Name: Northern Water Snake or Nerodia sipedon. The genus name is made from the Greek words 'neros' for flowing and 'dia' for through. It is a member of the largest family of snakes, the Colubrids. ...more

Take a good look at the picture above. What looks like it could be a mining shaft or an empty tomb is actually a tunnel that passes underneath one of Carlisle's well-traveled roads. Do you know where this tunnel is located? And even more importantly, do you know (or can you guess) why it's there in the first place? ...more

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." - Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943. ...more

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