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Friday, June 4, 2004


Boards review site plans for school wastewater plant

Planning Board

The Carlisle Public Schools came before the Planning Board on May 24 with a site plan for the construction of a pump station building and access road for a wastewater treatment facility on the school property at 83 School Street. The board focused its attention on the design of the roadway and, noting that a drainage study and the grading design had not yet been completed, stated that the downhill slope of the road would require a culvert or ditch to prevent washing out of the road. The board further expressed its concern for safety, pointing out that the road crosses a pedestrian pathway used by children at the schools.

School officials stated that a gate may be installed at the site of the foot path and cross grooves could be added to the road to make it less attractive to trespassers. The Board also reviewed letters presented by the Fire Chief, Police Chief, Conservation Commission and Building Commissioner who had a chance to comment on the site plan, and found that it had adequately addressed the few concerns raised by these parties. The board stated that it would recommend to the Board of Selectmen that it approve the site plan, on the condition that the school return to the Planning Board with an acceptable drainage plan.

Board of Selectmen

The Selectmen's meeting planned for June 8 was moved to June 15 to allow time for committees to weigh in on the final plan for the wastewater treatment. The access road was redesigned to eliminate a grade that was a problem for fire equipment. Louise Hara of the Planning Board told the Selectmen on May 26 that the Planning Board is drafting requests to groove the access road to discourage skateboarders. They will also request improved drainage and a cross-walk sign. The Selectmen hope to finalize the site plan at the June 15 meeting.

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