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Friday, June 4, 2004


Shorts from the Selectmen, May 26

New Selectman. Chair Tim Hult welcomed new member Deb Belanger to the board.

Financing the pathways. John Bakewell of the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Committee requested $55,550 to complete construction of the Bedford Road and East Street pathways. This represents a draw on the $150,000 debt exclusion for pathways passed at Town Meeting last year. Town Finance Director Larry Barton suggested borrowing from the stabilization fund as the pathways project would not be "substantially completed" within two years, a requirement for funding through a short-term bond. In two years the amount could likely be added to a bond for the wastewater treatment facility and tennis courts. The Selectmen questioned if this borrowing was a proper use of the stabilization fund. The request was approved with Hult noting, "It's time to raise the priority" of defining a policy on use of the stabilization fund.

Shapes. Gail MacLeod of Lowell Street asked for a waiver of the site plan requirement for opening a Shapes exercise facility at 1 River Road, noting the expense "is something I can't do." At issue was whether the fitness center is a "more intensive use". The Board of Appeals had reviewed the plan and asked for fencing to block headlights, a request MacLeod will comply with. She also had letters from the police and fire chiefs indicating they had no issues. The Selectmen voted that the current plan was not "more intensive" but MacLeod must return in one year when more will be known regarding usage and traffic volumes, and must comply with any requirements of the board of health.

Committee openings. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie reported that Lisa Jensen-Fellows will be leaving the Finance Commmittee as of June 30. With the loss of Deb Belanger to the Board of Selectmen, there will be two FinCom openings. In addition, the Long Term Capital Requirements Committee will need two people. "We need to put a plea to the community for people to come forward."

Superfund asks more $$. The EPA wants Carlisle to pay $112,934 to settle the Beede Superfund lawsuit regarding improper disposal of waste by a contractor employed by the town. This is $32,739 more than what Carlisle had set aside. Deb Belanger suggested employing an environmental attorney to evaluate the wisdom of paying versus fighting. John Ballantine noted, "We did everything right, even using a contractor the state recommended." The board voted to expend $1,000.

Tennis Courts. The site plan for the tennis court was approved without issue.

Stewardship Award. Deceased former selectman Vivian Chaput will receive the Stewardship Award at the Riverfest 2004 celebration at the North Bridge Vistor Center June 11 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Chairmanship. The board appointed Tim Hult to a second chairmanship. Although it tried to avoid consecutive terms, there was no vice chair due to the loss of Chaput, and each of the other board members had a conflict or was too new. "We don't like to do that," said Hult, "but there was no other choice."

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