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Friday, June 4, 2004


Planning Board completes review of cell tower site plans

The Planning Board completed its final review of the site plans for the 189-foot wireless communication tower and facilities being proposed on the Anderegg property located at 871 Bedford Road. The board, along with the Carlisle Town Counsel, counsel for AT&T Wireless, the property owners, and Carlisle Building Inspector Bob Koning reviewed the few issues remaining from their last meeting regarding the construction and maintenance of the tower.

The main issue discussed at the May 24 meeting was the standard to be used for construction of the roadway. Fire Chief David Flannery had suggested that the best access to the facility would be by way of a paved roadway. In deciding whether to follow this recommendation, the board stated it had conducted research and could not find any legislative, organizational, or industry standards requiring the use of pavement. And, since the access road resembled a private driveway with an accessory use and not a public road with significant travel, it found that a gravel road with four-foot-wide turnouts and a turnaround at the end of the roadway would suffice. Additionally, a drainage report will be required for construction.

Another safety issue addressed was the type of fencing to be used around the facility. Police Chief David Galvin had requested that an eight-foot chain link fence with barbed wire be used and "No Trespassing" signs be posted on all four sides. The board pointed out that the wireless bylaw does not permit the use of razor wire, and stated it would follow the Police Chief's recommendations but without the use of barbed wire.

Some additional issues addressed included the establishment of a roadway maintenance agreement dealing with the shared plowing of the road between the landowner and the wireless carriers, and the securing of adequate insurance on the facility, as is required under the wireless bylaw.

The parties involved came to a quick resolution of the issues, and the board voted to approve all of the stated conditions. From here, AT&T Wireless and the other carriers will have seven days to determine if the conditions are acceptable.

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