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Friday, June 4, 2004


Selectmen finalize Parcel A Task Force

On May 26 the Selectmen reviewed the final list of candidates for the Benfield Parcel A Task Force. The Task Force will develop a plan for siting affordable housing and a ballfield on land purchased by Carlisle at a Special Town Meeting in March. At previous meetings it was determined that the Board of Selectmen, Conservation Commission, Housing Authority, Recreation Commission, and Planning Board would each recommend one representative, with the neighborhood recommending two and the Selectmen appointing a representative of the community at large.

Chair Tim Hult read a list of candidates that had been proposed earlier:

• Board of Selectmen — John Ballantine

• Conservation Commission — Dan Holzman

• Housing Authority — Alan Lehotsky

• Recreation Commission — Allen Deary

• Planning Board — Phyllis Zinicola

• South Street Neighborhood — Alan Carpenito and Ray Kubacki

The Selectmen had also received five applications for the "at large" representative, including:

• Russell Dion of Lowell Street

• Tim Fohl of South Street

• Ellen Huber of Partridge Lane

• Judy Lane of Bingham Road

• Dawna Paton of Kibby Place.

Unhappy with Planning Board

The Selectmen listening politely as Alan Carpenito of South Street opened by venting his displeasure with town committees. "I don't see how a Planning Board member can be a member of this task force," he began. Charging the Planning Board members with "more concern about a tennis court next to a cemetery than a ballpark next to dwellings," he accused them of "negligence," "disregarding residents," and "personal agendas." He concluded, "You need to carefully think about who we appoint to this board [the Task Force]."

Selectman Chair Tim Hult responded, "I'm pretty confident everyone has looked at the names carefully," and noted, "We are bound (by state law) that the Planning Board must be part of the task force." Doug Stevenson called the attack on the Planning Board "not fair" as the board "hasn't vetted any program" for the Benfield land, while the tennis courts were examined under a site plan review. Once a plan for Benfield is proposed, "They will have ample opportunity to scrutinize it as a Planning Board the same way as any other."

"At large" representative

Discussion then turned to choosing the "at large" representative. Looking at skill sets, the Selectmen noted that Paton has project management skills and is a long-time Carlisle resident; Lane has good experience in commercial real estate; Huber is a long-time resident with an interest in affordable housing; and Dion is an architect.

The Selectmen focused on architect Dion. "Architectural experience on the committee would be very helpful," said Hult. The possibility of an alternate was discussed. Some recommended candidates have suggested that alternates be appointed who would participate in task force discussions if an appointee were unable to, but without having a vote. After some discussion, Dion was appointed.

Lehotsky and Zinicola will resign from the Community Preservation Act Committee (CPAcom) as the Selectmen had previously agreed that no CPAcom member should serve on the task force. Hult explained in a phone interview that the task force will report to the CPAcom so it was decided that appointing a CPAcom member would be inappropriate.

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