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Friday, June 4, 2004

To The Editor:

There is a shadow world that exists not very far from Carlisle. It is filled with people who are in great need. Some of them are coming out of homeless shelters into transitional housing. Others have left their homes abruptly due to domestic violence. Some have fallen on bad times and need a hand up.

On June 12, as part of Carlisle's second "Pass It Forward Day," five of your neighbors will be waiting at the Transfer Station to accept donations of dishes, pots and pans, small appliances, glasses, sheets, towels, small furniture, kitchen utensils, lamps, decorative items, electric fans, and other household goods that can really help these individuals and families.

Dick Davis, Dave & Jo-Ann Driscoll, Carol Foster and I live in Carlisle and volunteer at Household Goods Recycling Ministry, a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit charitable corporation, which is located at 530 Main Street in Acton. HGRM accepts donations of household goods and distributes them at no charge to clients who have been referred by Social Service Agencies, Housing Authorities, COA's, Police, Fire and Emergency Departments from surrounding communities. If you have household goods in your closets, attics, cellars, garages, or barns that you no longer need, please consider donating them to HGRM.

For more information, please view our web site at which explains what we take and what we don't take. Since we have no paid staff, we are looking for volunteers, especially people with trucks that can help pick up large donations or deliver to elders. We are helping 200 families a month. The need is great.

We had a wonderful time last year at the first "Pass It Forward Day" and are grateful to be included again this year. Many thanks to Amy for all her work in organizing and for creating this day of giving in Carlisle.

Jill Henderson
Sunset Road

DVVAP's anniversary celebration

To the Editor:

The Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Program (DVVAP) extends a heartfelt thank-you to all those who made our 5th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, May 23, 2004 such a wonderful success! It is hard to believe that this program, founded in October, 1998, has celebrated its 5th year. Since our inception, we have trained over 85 such advocates who have given over 10,000 hours of their time in order to provide over 1,400 units of service to over 700 local victims. DVVAP would not succeed without the efforts of so many extraordinary community residents.

Representative Cory Atkins hosted our celebration this past Sunday. Joining her were Senators Susan Fargo and Pam Resor, Representatives James Eldridge, Charles Murphy, Susan Pope, and Patricia Walrath and U.S. Representative Marty Meehan. Their commitment to ending violence is clear from their actions in the legislature and their support of programs like DVVAP. Middlesex County District Attorney Martha Coakley presented an outstanding keynote address for the 100+ crowd. Both Concord Chief Wetherbee and the Network for Women's Lives received founder awards for their vision in recognizing the worth and dignity of every life.

DVVAP's Development Committee co-chairs Lexi Ladd and Marilyn Peterson devoted countless hours toward producing an extraordinary experience. Local businesses and corporations have underwritten our efforts: Concord Oil Company, Welch's, Starbuck's of Concord, Crosby's, Donelan's of Acton, Concord Flower Shop, Trader Joe's, O'Naturals, Shaw's Supermarket of Stow, A Basket Case, and a few anonymous donors. It is an honor to know the people behind these businesses are passionate about creating a community of safety and peace.

DVVAP will continue to work with the Carlisle Police Department to end domestic violence in our communities. If anyone feels scared or controlled in their relationship, call 1-888-991-4639.

Kiersten Warning
DVVAP Director

Sad, but flattering

To the Editor:

A work of art was stolen from our property on 668 Lowell Street. Last month I made an oil painting reproduction of an 1800 schoolboy with a briefcase, but on the briefcase was "fresh eggs" written in white letters. It was cute and was the original. I would have wanted to sign it before it was stolen....It might have more value some day. Free eggs for life will be given to the person who brings it back...or who lets me sign it!

Nader Hoville
Lowell Street

Get involved in your town

To the Editor:

"Why bother? Why do you want that job?"

That was the number one question I heard while campaigning for Town Clerk at the transfer station. My response: "Because I care about the people of Carlisle."

If you look at voter turn-out this past election it appears that many of you also care. You got out to vote. I'd like to thank each of you for your support. It was an honor to run for a public office and I enjoyed meeting everyone at the transfer station.

Now I want to challenge all of you to care a little more by investing in Carlisle through volunteering. There are many opportunities to help at various levels in the town by serving the community one-on-one or as a committee member to one of the boards. Just think about the impact you could have by giving of yourself one hour a week or a few hours a month. The Mosquito frequently has announcements calling for volunteers; watch for them or call me for help.

The second statement I heard during my campaign is "taxes are too high." If you believe taxes are too high, get involved. Invest some time to understand who's on the powerful committees in Carlisle that just can't say "no" to spending. Hold elected members and appointed employees accountable for their actions. Register to vote and use your vote to send your message.

I know it takes enormous patience and commitment to make a difference but remember why I bother. I bother because I care and I know many of you do too.

Finally, I want to congratulate Charlene Hinton and her team for their win. Through the team at Town Hall, Carlisle will retain its character.

I look forward to continue volunteering on the Old Home Day and the Council on Aging committees and I'll see you at the transfer station.

Margaret (Peggy) Wang
Robbins Drive

2004 The Carlisle Mosquito