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Friday, May 28, 2004


It was Selectman Doug Stevenson who invited John Berman to speak at Carlisle's Memorial Day ceremony. The two had worked together years ago on summer construction projects. I spoke with Berman last week and here is what I learned about the young man who now appears on the evening news, but not so long ago lived around the corner, several streets away. ...more

We all know that synthetic pesticides and herbicides on our lawns can be harmful to bugs, fungi, and other living things (like us). But it's so easy to succumb to the lure of the easy green lawn, to believe that the stuff on our lawns won't get into our families' bloodstreams or seep into a well or into other creatures' food chains. ...more

Name: Polygala paucifolia or Fringed Polygala. It is also known as the Flowering-wintergreen, the Fringed Milkwort and Gay-wings; it is a member of the milkwort family. "Poly" means much or many, and "gala" means milk. (Remember Lycogala? It's the Wolf's Milk slime mold, Mosquito archive, Oct. 25, 2002.) The species epithet, ...more

In May 2003, the Mosquito reported on David Driscoll of Fiske Street and his involvement with a project called Operation Shoebox. The project encourages concerned civilians to send CARE packages to troops stationed overseas, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. Earlier this month, Driscoll reported on what's new with Operation Shoebox in the past twelve months. ...more

The Carlisle Conservation Commission is accepting nominations for the annual Conservationist of the Year award to be presented to the winning candidate on Old Home Day. Nominations should be submitted to the Commission by Thursday, June 17. ...more

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