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Friday, May 28, 2004


Recreation Commission news

Pesticide Applications

Yellow signs and/or flags on playing fields mean that a licensed pesticide applicator has applied chemicals to the field. The signs are posted at time of application through 72 hours after application. Some people may be sensitive to low levels of chemicals and should avoid or reduce potential exposure to pesticides. Sensitive individuals might include elderly persons, pregnant women, young children and those with compromised immune systems, liver dysfunction, certain allergies or sensitivities. As of November 1, 2000 the types of pesticides which can be applied to playing fields is restricted to lower risk pesticides. Use common sense when dealing with pesticides. For outdoor applications be familiar with the small yellow signs that indicate pesticides have been applied and stay off of the area until flags are removed. Anyone sensitive to chemicals should avoid the area for 72 hours. Keep pets away from areas of pesticide application.

According to Dan Moseley, who hires the lawn contractors, no pesticides have been spread on playing fields this year. Only a crab-grass pre-emergent was spread on Banta-Davis fields. No pesticides will be sprayed on Spalding until after school closes.

Field and gym usage

All non-school field and gym usage must be scheduled through the Recreation Office. Call or email Terri at 1-978-369-6759, or at

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