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Friday, May 21, 2004


Candidates for town offices introduce themselves

Tom Raftery Moderator One-year term

I am an attorney who concentrates in insolvency and corporate law. Jan, my wife, and I have lived in Carlisle since 1975 and our three daughters have attended the Carlisle Public School as well as Concord-Carlisle High School. I have been a member of the Planning Board (14 years) and one term as a Selectman. I am a member of the board of directors of the Carlisle Elderly Housing Association. I am also a veteran, having retired from the U.S. Navy Reserve with the rank of Captain. I believe that one must contribute to the community in which one lives and I view being Town Moderator as my contribution. It really does not matter what your background is; rather it is what you can contribute to the quality of life in our community. Fortunately, we have a wonderful pool of citizens who do contribute to Carlisle and I am trying to do my part.

I want to run Town Meeting as efficiently as I can. To that end I have insisted on presentations that are crisp and short. I am exploring bundling of Warrant Articles that usually have no opposition and can be voted in bulk. I have strived to make the process accessible and hope that I can continue to do so in the future. I encourage anyone who has a suggestion to make the process shorter, but without the loss of the flavor of Town Meeting, to contact me. While it is my job to run the meeting, it is your task to participate.

Charlene Hinton Town Clerk Two-year term

My family moved to Carlisle 15 years ago. My husband Steve and I have been married for 30 years and our only child, Melissa, is 20 and a junior at WPI.

My volunteer activities have included Carlisle Extended Day, Brownie and Girl Scout troop helper and "Cookie Mom," and the Emerson Hospital Auxiliary.

I have been an active member of the Carlisle Colonial Minutemen since 1995 and thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to be a part of the living history that is so active in this part of the country.

I hold bachelor's degrees from the University of Florida in Mathematics and from the University of North Florida in Accounting. I have been a Certified Public Accountant since 1985 and have completed several master's level Accounting courses.

Experience: There has been steady progression of responsibility in my 30-year career. Working in Accounting and IT with a variety of business types and sizes has allowed me to develop diverse thought processes and strategies needed. The customer service required in the consulting business I have operated since 1990 translates directly to the role of Town Clerk.

In my past work as secretary for both the Conservation Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals, I received strong guidance from Sarah Andreassen regarding Town Government. I am again working a few hours a week as the Conservation Commission secretary.

Challenges: I have the education, working knowledge, seven months hands-on experience, and the commitment needed to be Town Clerk. My love of this community and my reverence for its history are among the reasons I enjoy this role. I have had wonderful support and training from Irene Blake who worked side by side with Sarah for over seven years. Together we have tackled the new challenges that have come to the Clerk's desk since Sarah's passing. I would like to continue the legacy of our past Town Clerks. It is a privilege to represent the town in this ultimate customer service role. The Clerk is part "goodwill ambassador" and part "card catalogue/search engine" for all that is Carlisle. I welcome your support in this endeavor.

Peggy Wang Town Clerk Two-year term

My name is Margaret (Peggy) Wang. I am running for the office of Town Clerk. I grew up in Indiana and moved to Massachusetts a year after graduating from college. After having lived in Acton and Maynard for a number of years, I chose Carlisle as my permanent location because I love the rural setting, being part of a neighborhood and a community that supports both its children's and seniors' needs. I moved to Carlisle 18 years ago and currently am vice chairman of the Council on Aging, Chairman of Old Home Day's Art Show and volunteer for the Parents Connection. I am a member at the Lutheran Church of the Savior in Bedford where I teach Sunday school.

Experience: I am a graduate of Purdue University and have 26 years experience in accounting, management, auditing and computers. I worked at Digital Equipment Corporation for 16 years and 10 years in my own accounts receivable business. I am a flexible and a self-motivated worker and do well in a team environment. I am able to evaluate situations, make recommendations and develop action plans to improve the effectiveness of my own and others.

Challenges: I bring to the town a unique combination of professional skills and community leadership that are beneficial to the Town Clerk position. The first challenge of the Town Clerk is meeting the town's needs during the Monday through Friday hours of 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. I do not view the Town Clerk's job as a 20-hour per week position. I plan to meet that challenge by offering Saturday hours for the convenience of those who work during the week, and to be available on call during the week when needed.

The second challenge of the Town Clerk is stepping into the position which Sarah Andreassen did so well. Her knowledge base and compassion for serving the town will take her replacement some time to develop. I believe my professional and interpersonal skills are the prefect match.

I look forward to serving the Carlisle community as Town Clerk. I humbly ask for your vote in the Town Election.

Debra Belanger Board of Selectmen One-year term

I am running for the position of Selectman. Some of you may know that Vivian Chaput's tragic death created an unfilled seat on the Board of Selectmen. There is one year remaining in Vivian's term which I would like to serve out.

My husband and I moved to Carlisle 13 years ago. We were drawn to this place because of its beauty, great schools, and the fact that it is indeed a small town. Our family has grown to four, with two children, Nick and Kate, in the Carlisle School.

Experience: I have served on the Finance Committee for two years, Long Term Capital Requirements Committee for three and on the Pathways Committee for six. I've been a Cub Scout den leader for four years, school room parent for two years, and most recently, Sunday school teacher. I've been home with my family for three years now and enjoy helping meet the town's needs when I can.

My qualifications for the position include six years of working with our town volunteers and employees, about 20 years in finance, and my commitment to civic duty. During my career, I held a variety of positions in finance, operations and planning. In the middle of those 20 years, I operated my own company for 11 years. I've worked as an investment banker, chief operating officer and chief financial officer for start-ups to companies with revenues of $25 to $50 million. I have an undergraduate degree in Economics and an MBA.

Challenges: In this next year there are several substantial initiatives before us: Benfield Parcel A planning; designing the expansion and renovation of our high school; evaluating opportunities to increase revenues and reduce costs; and completing the first annual capital improvement plan. The second challenge during the next year is ongoing: keeping taxes reasonably predictable and affordable to all generations in Carlisle. As we invest in what we value — excellent schools, conservation lands and reliable town services — we will need to continue to prioritize. I believe my professional skills and experience with town government will enable me to make an important contribution in addressing these issues. If elected, I will listen closely and work hard. I ask for your vote on May 25.

Timothy Hult Board of Selectmen Three-year term

I have lived in Carlisle with my wife Mary and our family for the past 25 years. During that time I have always been active in town and community affairs. I served two terms as a member of the Carlisle School Committee and have served as a Selectman for the past three years.

Experience: I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. My education includes a B.S. degree from MIT and a M.B.A. from Harvard University. While I have retired from my operating work with technology ventures, I do continue to do board work with several companies and not-for-profit organizations. I am also the varsity golf coach at Concord Academy.

Our three children all attended the Carlisle School and now are in college or beyond. Mary and I now serve as foster parents for the D.S.S., specializing in short-term care for children in need.

Challenges: I feel we are all privileged to live in a community such as Carlisle, a community in which our predecessors, through wisdom and hard work, have beautifully preserved the physical environment and have established wonderful educational resources for our young people. I believe our job as elected officials is to care for this treasure we have been given and at the same time to strive to make it as affordable as possible for all of our citizens. It will be my honor to serve another term as your Selectman.

James C. Marchant Board of Assessors Three-year term

A professional real estate appraiser for 20 years, I currently own and manage a medium-size real estate appraisal and consulting firm, Minuteman Appraisals, Inc., in Chelmsford.

Experience: I know Carlisle well. As professional real estate appraisers, my firm performs over 2,000 residential appraisals in the local area each year. This breadth of assignments gives me a broad overview of the spectrum of real estate values and what creates and influences value. An area of specialization for my firm, which is of

assistance to my work on the Board of Assessors, is consulting assignments for real estate property tax abatement.

I have very much enjoyed my tenure on the Carlisle Board of Assessors these past six years. My experience in valuation has been an asset on the Board. I look forward to continuing to serve my neighbors and my town.

My wife, Liz Thibeault, and I moved to Carlisle in 1980. Our son Jon has graduated from CCHS and will be away at college in the Fall. I have been active in the religious education program at Saint Irene Parish for the past 16 years, and coached for the Concord Carlisle Soccer Club for seven years.

Challenges:The biggest challenge facing the next term on the Board of Assessors will be a continuation of the major issue we faced over the past two years; namely, the revaluation of the properties in the town as a result of the rapid increase in real estate values in Carlisle during the past few years. Last year was our 'revaluation year' which is every third year. Realizing that a very large adjustment (increase) was unavoidable, I suggested we make an 'interim' adjustment two years ago. This allowed the Board to 'soften the blow' a little bit. As we were planning for the interim adjustment, the Board placed a number of articles in the Mosquito to inform property owners what was coming and why. These articles were informative and reminded everyone that their assessments were likely to increase. I think that this 'pro-active' approach allowed Carlisle to escape much of the controversy that plagued some of the surrounding towns as local property assessments increased.

Martha Bedrosian Board of Health Three-year term

My family, husband Kenneth, daughter Dianna, and I, came to Carlisle in 1999. We are conveniently located next to the Gleason Library in the historic Duren, White and now Bedrosian home.

Experience: Shortly thereafter, I replied to a request of the Board of Health to fill a seat due to a resignation. Elected the following year, I continued to serve on the Board of Health and for the past year and a half as the chair. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, a Master in Education in Natural Science, and a Doctorate of Education with a concentration in Instructional Leadership and Staff Development. My background includes five years of clinical and medical research at Harvard Medical School and Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, and 27 years in science education and administration. I have taught a variety of courses in biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and ecology. I bring my personal interest in public health and protecting our natural resources, which along with my colleagues on the BOH, whose background and expertise are in civil engineering, provide Carlisle with a strong and diversified board.

Challenges: Given the growth of the town and continued development, existing regulations including water supply regulations, manure stockpiling/composting regulations and sewage disposal regulations are in need of revision. This has created a tremendous workload for the current three-member board. Most recently, at Town Meeting, I presented the Board-supported warrant article to increase the BOH from a three- to a five-member Board. I am pleased that we can now work on seeking two additional BOH members beginning with the spring 2005 annual elections. I look forward to working with a five-member board which can only provide greater insight and enhance dialogue as this governing board seeks to make the right decisions for the town and its residents.

In the years to come, the BOH and other boards and departments will be faced with the challenges of the budget. I look forward to working with the Board of Selectmen and FinCom over the next three years. With their continued support, the BOH can provide the residents of Carlisle with nursing services, flu clinics, rabies clinics, and initiatives that continue to promote educational forums and community outreach to heighten public awareness for protection of the environment and our natural resources.

It has been an honor to be a member of the Board of Health where voices are heard and issues are dealt with equitably, and it has been a privilege to serve the residents of Carlisle.

Farhad Vazehgoo Board of Health Three-year term

I would like to announce my candidacy for the three-year term on the Board of Health. I am running because it has been brought to my attention that there is a need for choice in this election. My family and I have lived in Carlisle for three and a half years and have never felt so at home. Volunteering to run for town government and fulfill the obligations of a committee member seems a logical way to show how much this town already means to me, and to invest in the future of our community.

I have been married to Susannah, an avid horse rider, for more than 15 years, and my son Cameron is a sixth grader in the Carlisle School. I graduated with a bachelor's degree from Manchester University in U.K. and have been in the semiconductor industry for the past 24 years. I am currently a director of engineering at Analog Devices in Wilmington, where I have worked for 10 years.

Experience: Connected with my profession I have managed large programs with diverse requirements and challenges and devised processes to improve productivity and meet ISO 14001 (environmental protection and prevention of pollution in balance with socioeconomic needs) requirements. I have also served on my company's charitable contribution board over the last eight years, holding the chair for five. The board grants money to community projects such as water quality treatment, habitat preservation, youth programs and many others in towns and neighborhoods across Massachusetts

Challenges: In my view, the challenge for the board will be to strike a balance between more regulations vs. common sense. On the other hand we need to have enough regulations on the books to deal with the strain that higher numbers of septic systems and the use of pesticides on lawns in subdivisions, plus Title 40B developments will put on our underground water.

If elected, I will bring my organizational and engineering skills to the Board.

James G. Bohn Housing Authority Five-year term

My wife Sue and I moved to Carlisle in 2001 from the Washington D.C. area. One of the special things about Carlisle for me is our participatory form of town government. Although I have been an active participant in civic events, this is the first time that I have run for office in Carlisle. Our town will be facing a number of difficult housing and land use questions in the coming years. I look forward to the opportunity of working with other members of the Housing Authority to address these issues.

My background is in financial economics. While I am not currently involved in real estate or development, I have some experience in the area of housing finance. Before moving to Carlisle, I was with the Federal Reserve Board. One of my responsibilities was to monitor developments in residential mortgage finance. I also served on the Arlington County Virginia Industrial Development Authority. Like the Carlisle Housing Authority, the Arlington IDA was involved in financing and development and restoration of affordable housing.

The two biggest challenges facing the Housing Authority are (i) monitoring changes in state housing policy and (ii) working with other town boards to determine what is to be done with the newly acquired Benfield land.

In addition to identifying housing as a key issue for the state, the Romney Administration has made a number of innovative proposals in the housing area. This includes reforms to 40B as well as focusing development efforts in existing transportation corridors. I feel that my experience in government and the policy process with be useful in monitoring developments on Beacon Hill.

The town took an important step this spring with the acquisition of the Benfield property. I recognize that there are differing views on what, if anything is to be done and I look forward to working with the other members of our community on this issue. As a professional economist, I will provide a critical review of the costs and benefits of any development proposal to ensure that it is in the interest of our town.

Priscilla Stevens Library Trustee Three-year term

My husband Jonathan, our two children, and I moved to Carlisle in 2000. As a relative newcomer, I found two wonderful ways to get to know the town and make friends. I joined the staff of the Mosquito, where I'm a feature writer, news reporter and staffer. I also joined the board of the Friends of Gleason Public Library, because it was immediately evident that the library in Carlisle is the crown jewel of the town's public facilities. It's a resource and meeting place for everyone in town, and seems to effervesce with activity every day.

Experience: I have been a dedicated denizen of active libraries for many years, while a student at Middlebury College (B.A. and M.A.), Radcliffe and Tufts, teaching high school in Newton and Chelmsford, teaching undergraduates at UMass Lowell, and directing educational theater programs and productions. I served on the Friends Board in Chelmsford for a decade, and on the Friends of Warburg Library board at Middlesex School for seven years. School and public libraries are always necessary and well-used, but in Carlisle the library is truly prized. While serving on the Board of the Friends here, I have enjoyed a very rewarding team relationship with the Trustees and staff. When the opportunity arose to run for Library Trustee, I believed this might be a chance for me to help preserve and develop the resources and programs at Gleason in a tangible and lasting way, while applying my experience and skills to strengthen the ties and facilitate the exchange of ideas among the trustees, staff, Friends, patrons, and town government.

Challenges: The library faces several issues besides the ongoing preservation of the physical plant, among which are: how to use the building's space most efficiently; how to provide patrons with the best and safest information technologies; how to increase open hours and staff particular programs and resources; and how to improve library services generally, consistently, and creatively, regardless of economic climate. It's an inspiring time to be a Library Trustee, and with your vote, I will work vigorously and cheerfully as part of that team. Phyllis Zinicola

Phyllis Zinicola Planning Board One-year term

When I was elected to the Planning Board four years ago, I signed on for a five-year term. I am running for the one-year term to fulfill the commitment I made to the town and to help provide transition when the majority of the board turns over at this election. My primary objective is to help reach consensus on the best plan of development for Benfield Parcel A consistent with the spirit and support at the Special Town Meeting.

Kent Gonzales Planning Board One-year term

I live on Wolf Rock Road with my wife Carole, 19-year-old stepdaughter Elizabeth and 4-year-old son Wil. Originally from Colorado, I moved to Massachusetts in 1984 to attend MIT. We moved to Carlisle five years ago for its character and quality of life. Carole, who is a Concord native and CCHS graduate, owns and directs a highly regarded pre-school in Arlington. Elizabeth graduated from CCHS last year and just finished her freshman year at Colgate. Wil is going to be entering kindergarten at the Carlisle School this fall.

Experience: I am a Vice President of National Development of New England, a real estate development firm based in Newton Lower Falls. My education includes a bachelor's of environmental design and a master's of architecture from the University of Colorado, and a master's of science in real estate development from MIT. I have nearly 25 years of diverse and varied experience in real estate development. I have worked in the non-profit, public and private sectors directing projects ranging from small town planning in rural Colorado to the development of urban mixed-use projects in downtown Boston.

My professional experience and education provides me with an excellent background to be able to constructively contribute to Planning Board issues. I have worked on both sides of the "table" as a community planner/urban designer preparing and reviewing plans, and as a private sector real estate developer submitting plans.

Challenges: I am firmly committed to contributing to our community to maintain and enhance its character and quality of life. While I may not have a full understanding of the specific issues facing Carlisle or the Planning Board, I will use my expertise to be an advocate for what is best for Carlisle. One issue I feel is particularly important to Carlisle is the Community Development Plan. In order to be truly effective, it is essential that it not sit on a shelf and gather dust. It needs to be a tool for the effective management of the issues that are facing Carlisle today, while providing mechanisms to anticipate and manage the issues that will face us in the future.

David Freedman Planning Board Two-year term

Six years ago, I moved with my family from New York City to Carlisle. I love small town life, from coaching youth baseball and walking the cake walk on Old Home Day to attending Town Meeting and joining the dedicated volunteers who, along with a small paid staff in Town Hall, make Carlisle work. I served two years on the Youth Commission and have been on the Planning Board for two years.

Experience: I am a self-employed graphic designer with a master's in communication design. I understand the value of good planning and the difficulties inherent in the planning process. My experience with the Carlisle Planning Board began as a petitioning citizen, so as a board member I try to remain aware of how the board appears from the other side of the table.

There is an unlimited supply of town issues for which planning is needed. I chair the Comprehensive Development Plan Steering Committee. Our report will concentrate on housing and will be ready soon. I also serve on a subcommittee addressing the wireless issue. Most recently I revived an eight-year-old effort and finally got town approval for an amendment to the Scenic Roads Bylaw that will help the Board and citizens deal with the state statute.

Challenges: The biggest challenge facing the town over the coming years will be land-use planning. I believe the town must be more proactive in addressing development, density, affordable housing, and their effects on the environment. While I heartily applaud the Carlisle Conservation Foundation for all they have done to make our town a haven amid sprawl, and for recently sending a wake-up call to the town on the interdependence of conservation and housing, Carlisle cannot rely on private groups such as CCF to set the agenda going forward.

We need the commitment of the Selectmen, the reactivation of the Municipal Land Committee to seriously reassess town needs, a revitalized Housing Authority to establish a housing trust and a nonprofit affordable housing corporation to look beyond Benfield, and many volunteers to join in the effort to help keep Carlisle a wonderful small town.

I have been a resident of Carlisle for eleven years. I am married, a mother of two children, ages 15 and 9 and currently on parental leave from the architectural profession. Although born in Japan, I grew up in rural communities in Pennsylvania and Virginia. I love the outdoors, and animals large and small.

After receiving a Master's of Architecture from MIT, I worked on a wide variety of public, commercial, and residential projects before becoming the Architect/Planner for the Brigham and Women's Hospital. I coordinated the programming and budgets for up to 50 constructions at any point in time. When it comes to building things, I know how to deal with the design, engineering, construction and money people.

I have served on the Planning Board for the past five years, the last as Chairman. Over the years I have also served on the Trails Committee, Municipal Land Committee, and Historical Commission. Wearing these various hats, I've mapped Carlisle's trails, analyzed the build-out potential of the town, helped develop long-term land-use strategies for the town, and drafted bylaws. I am currently involved in the Planning Board subcommittees for wireless communications and for the Master Planning effort looking at housing and economic development issues.

With four new members joining our seven-member Board, one of the biggest challenges will be passing the institutional "memory" to the new members and continuing the critical work started by the current board. I look forward to sharing what I know with our newer members, while working with them to draw upon their fresh insights and individual expertise.

The other big challenge will be to transition the Master Planning and Wireless processes from "study and planning" phases into "decision and action." Over the past two years, as the construction of new subdivisions has ebbed, the Planning Board has dedicated considerable time to these planning efforts, hiring consultants to evaluate the Town's needs and options. This fall we will be involved in publicizing our analyses and, with further public input, making decisions. As always, I will encourage broad participation, listen to the varying viewpoints, try to frame the critical issues, and then use my best judgment to balance the competing interests and make the best long-term decisions for the town.

Ray Bahr Planning Board Three-year term

I have lived in Carlisle for four years with my wife and two dogs. During this time I have been employed as an engineer at Cisco Systems.

Experience: I started my involvement with the Carlisle planning process by participating in the long-term planning forums held last summer, where I helped in the development of the mission statement. As a result of that experience, I volunteered to be an associate member of the Planning Board. I have acted in that role for the last six months. I have a liberal arts background, and my forte is 'thinking outside of the box'.

Challenges: The two most significant challenges facing an incumbent will be 1) gaining an understanding of the processes involved in acting as a Planning Board member, and 2) dealing with ramifications of issues such as 40B, the Benfield property, and the growth rate of the population. If elected, I will leverage the experience gained through my participation with the Planning Board over the past six months along with a sincere desire to do what is best for Carlisle in providing input as we deal with the aforementioned.

Kenneth Bedrosian Planning Board Three-year term

No response received

Richard Boulé Planning Board Three-year term

My name is Richard Boulé and I am a candidate for a three-year term on the Planning Board. My wife, four children and I moved to Carlisle over eight years ago. On our first visit to Carlisle we were immediately struck by the rural nature and open feeling of the town. I love coming home to Carlisle every night.

Experience: I am an engineer by training with two degrees in mechanical engineering. I have been an executive in start-up and turn-around companies in Massachusetts for 18 years. Most of these companies have been building telecommunications products and I am familiar with the many aspects of the technology and regulations. I consider myself well-qualified to work on a board where consensus and good communication are paramount because of my extensive management experience. I have been an observer and associate member on the Planning Board now for six months. I have attended all but one of the meetings since November. During this period many issues have come before the Board and it has helped me understand the processes, bylaws and regulations that govern the work of the board. I have much to learn about the planning process. I have participated in many hearings and I have also worked on the cell tower bylaw committee.

Challenges: I believe the main issues facing the Planning Board in the next few years relate to the Master Planning process, cell tower placement and advising on affordable housing. The first two items are connected because the Master Planning process contributes to defining communications overlay districts where the citizens of the Town would consider placement. The Planning Board must come before the citizens of the Town to propose changes to the Zoning Bylaw for telecommunications facilities. This process would define regulations for the placement of facilities. Affordable housing is not an area where the Planning Board has a pro-active role but is one where the Board

can and should provide input to the Zoning Board and other boards and committees of the Town.

Ray Kubacki Planning Board Three-year term

I am an eight year resident of Carlisle — and absolutely love it.

For the past 13 years, I have been president and CEO of Psychemedics Corp., a public company listed on the American Stock Exchange. My previous experience included senior management positions with two large industrial companies, as well as eight years with an investment management firm in Boston. My B.A. and M.B.A. are from Harvard University.

While I have overseen the building of a bio-tech lab and site selection on another project, I am running for the Planning Boared not because of specific expertise, but because of an intense desire to make sure that all Carlisle neighbors are treated with respect — and are heard whenever they come before the Board. If neighbors take the time to attend a board meeting, they should be given ample time to express their views — and those views should be given serious thought and consideration by the board members.

While no one can foresee all the challenges that will face the Planning Board in the next three years, we can ensure that, whatever they are, our neighbors will be listened to and their views will be an important input for any solution.

In my view, it's not about experts telling us what to do, it's about neighbors deciding together what is best for Carlisle.

Peter Stuart Planning Board Three-year term

My family and I have resided in Carlisle for over 17 years and my daughter went through the Carlisle Public Schools and Concord-Carlisle High School. I served on the Town Building Committee and the Historical Commission in the late 1980s and I have been on the School Building Committee for the past two years.

I graduated from both Middlebury College with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and from M.I.T. with a master's in Architecture. My wife and I were both Peace Corps Volunteers for two years in Brazil. I have been a Registered Architect for twenty-five years and participated professionally in numerous projects which required appearances before various city and town boards, including planning boards. I have also served as an arbitrator on many construction cases over the past twenty years with the American Arbitration Association and also for the past three years with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Thus, I have experience dealing with regulatory issues from both sides of the table, so to speak.

I believe that the two major issues that the town and the Planning Board will face over the next several years are:

• The need for long-range planning to insure a balance of housing types and population so that we will not lose Carlisle's rural character while trying to meet this challenge.

• The careful, but also fair and equitable implementation of the subdivision control bylaws, especially since more and more of the new subdivisions will be on increasingly marginal land.

My professional experience as an architect, my familiarity with Carlisle and my service on various boards have all provided me with the necessary tools and understanding to be an effective member of the Planning Board. I believe my ability to work well with others and my problem-solving skills to build a consensus will be valuable assets to both the town and the Board as we work together to address Carlisle's current and future issues. I look forward to the opportunity of becoming a member of the Planning Board.

Christy Barbee School Committee Three-year term

I've lived in Carlisle for almost 19 years. I have two children, one in the high school and one just finishing Carlisle Middle School. I know the Carlisle schools very well. I served for three years on the School Council, helping to develop school improvement plans. I've been on the School Building Committee for two years, so I'm very familiar with the wastewater -treatment issue and with the need in the not-distant future for a new school building. I chaired the Carlisle Education Forum this year. Two years ago I served on the search committee that helped bring Brenda Finn to the regional school district as superintendent. I'm a member of the Restorative Justice Circle and the League of Women Voters.

As institutions, schools have changed little in the last century, and it's often assumed that the way they are is the way they must beonly better. But the content of education changes greatly, and we now know that people learn in very different ways. We should look for tools and methods that help teachers engage all kids. It doesn't always have to be 20 to 30 kids in a room learning the same things at the same time. Carlisle can be a leader in advancing programs that capture the imaginations of all learners. Why should anyone hate school?

Our biggest priority in Carlisle and at the region must be to hold the line against further budget cuts and to restore programs and activities lost or reduced over the tight years. I want to see what we can do better and more cost-effectively. We also need to communicate clearly to our state representatives our need for increased state spending on education. (According to the U.S. Department of Education, Massachusetts ranks just 35

We've been fortunate to have a forward-thinking school superintendent in Carlisle for more than a decade, and I think we're getting another when Marie Doyle joins us. I'm excited about being part of the transition.

Wendell G. Sykes School Committee Three-year term

Education: MIT, Chemical Engineering, 1950, Northeastern Evening Graduate School, Math, Physics

Employment: Arthur D. Little, Inc, Consultant, 1950-92, Naval Electronic Systems Command, PME 124, Technical Director, 1973-5, Context Systems, Consultant to DOD, 1992 - present

Carlisle Resident for 22 years.

Pertinent Experience: member Scituate, MA, School Committee, 6 years, member Scituate Library Committee, 5 Years, member Carlisle School Council, 5 years, member Superintendent Search Committee.

Challenges: School housing: The current facilities provide no slack for an enrollment increase; in fact, they limit the faculty's flexibility to provide focused, student-centered, education across the range of student capabilities. Given the potential budget impact of state mandated but unfunded SPED needs, active support of our effective inclusion program, free of space requirements, should be considered.

Community support for educational quality. When the software industry catches cold, support for public education in Carlisle catches pneumonia. Since quality education is one of the primary pillars of housing value in this town, effective justification of the school budget, can benefit everyone. Our new superintendent is committed to pursuit of innovative quality education. She will need strong School Committee support for this pursuit.

I will support aggressive, multi-level planning for school housing, covering a range from stopgap emergency planning in case of unanticipated near-term growth to a long-term solution aimed at the ultimate growth limits of Carlisle's population.

I will attempt to create a cost-benefit analysis as the core of the school budget presentation to the Carlisle Town Meeting rather than the budget increase required for the maintenance of the status quo. Much of the current debate has been focused on percentage increases, rather than value received.

2004 The Carlisle Mosquito