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Friday, May 21, 2004


Proposed Maple Street 40B development needs new application

"The entire complexion of this application has changed," Board of Appeals Chair Terry Herndon told those present at the last meeting on May 13, referring to the 40B application to develop the landlocked parcel off Maple Street, on the Billerica line.

A new survey of the land submitted by developer James Harrington showed the beginning of the paper access road located entirely in Billerica. "The original application is no longer valid," said Herndon. The application approved by MassHousing was based on incorrect information regarding the location of the town boundary lines. A new application with correct information will have to be submitted to MassHousing.

Town attorney Rick Hucksam told the board, "The law requires that the applicant be given 60 days to cure the defect with a revised site approval letter." The board voted to continue the meeting, expecting the applicant to provide the necessary approval letter within the 60 days. Harrington said that he had already requested the revised letter.

Harrington then presented his newly completed survey which documented the revised boundary. Not only was the entrance of the road entirely in Billerica, but much of the paper access road straddled the boundary line. Harrington also presented initial site design plans, and an environmental report dated in February. These reports were to be forwarded to Ross Associates, who have been chosen to provide peer review to all these documents.

An abutter questioned whether the environmental report was actually completed in February, as dated. "There has been no activity on the land visible, except within the last few weeks," she said.

Billerica Board of Selectmen Chair Fraz Fraine attended the meeting and told the board that the developer has not yet formally asked Billerica to open a road into the development. Harrington said that he had informally queried the Commissioner of Roads about procedures, but had not formally made an inquiry. He said his next step would be to formally involve Billerica in this 40B application

Attorney Hucksam reminded him that "the Carlisle Board of Appeals could only grant relief for Carlisle property; Billerica has to give relief for items in Billerica."

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