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Friday, May 21, 2004


Stop sign is three- time theft target

Someone doesn't like the stop sign at Maple and Brook Streets, where the two streets converge just before East Street. The sign was stolen on May 10 and DPW was notified to replace it. It was replaced on May 11 and was stolen again the same day. Again DPW was notified to replace it and the new sign was bolted on firmly. Early on the morning of May 17, a week to the day after it had first been stolen, it was found sprayed with black paint. There the matter rests until it is replaced for the third time,

The sign is needed because there is poor visibility driving west on Maple Street.

Lieutenant John Sullivan of the Carlisle Police said that if the responsible person is found he or she will be summonsed and would probably be charged with malicious destruction under $250. However, if the charges are cumulative this could get to be a pretty expensive proposition for the person who doesn't like the sign — as well as for the taxpayers who keep paying for new ones. It costs the town $37 to replace each sign.

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