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Friday, May 21, 2004


Planning Board reviews conditions for Bedford Road cell tower

At its meeting on May 10, the Planning Board continued the review of site plans for the 189-foot wireless communication tower and facilities proposed on the Anderegg property located at 871 Bedford Road. The board reviewed a draft of 24 proposed conditions for the construction and maintenance of the tower, most of which had been discussed at the last meeting on April 26. (See May 7 issue.)

Briefly, these conditions dealt with:

• properly formatting the construction documents and carrying out the project under Massachusetts State law by a Massachusetts registered professional engineer;

• maintaining the safety of the tower and facilities;

• prohibiting unauthorized access to the tower;

• creating a buffer around the facility by use of trees and a landscape plan;

• maintaining proper access along the service road in the winter;

• using underground power lines running to the facility;

• prohibiting the use of a light on the tower; and

• limiting the visibility of the tower from the surrounding public roadways.

Also present at the meeting were the counsel for AT&T Wireless, the property owners, and Carlisle Building Inspector Bob Koning, who proposed a few changes to the board's list of conditions. The board stated it is still awaiting comments from the Fire Chief and Police Chief regarding the access road to the property.

A March 2004 decision of the U.S. District Court, which consolidated and settled the multiple lawsuits against the town by wireless communication companies, permitted the construction, operation and maintenance of the cell tower and facilities on the Anderegg property, subject to conditions agreed upon by the Planning Board and the plaintiffs. The board has until May 26, 2004 to finalize these conditions and stated it would continue this public discussion at its next public meeting on May 24 at 9:00 p.m.

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