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Friday, May 21, 2004


This Old House activity suspended

Have you noticed that Carlisle's "This Old House," bisected and levitated, has looked lonesome and unattended? No TV cameras, no rumbling machines, no cars blocking the roads, no construction. Last week Carlisle Building Inspector Bob Koning shut down all work as the project does not have a building permit, although an excavators permit had been issued.

According to Board of Health Administrator Linda Fantasia, the Board of Health (BOH) has not given approval to the project, a key requirement for a building permit. Several months ago the board gave conditional approval to the project, provided that the renovated house did not exceed its eleven-room septic capacity.

On May 6, the construction team from the This Old House TV show again visited the BOH with their building plans. The room count remained at ten, however, the board noted that the foundation for the house was being expanded, encroaching on the required ten-foot setback from the septic tank. In order to relocate the septic tank, an engineering study is required.

On Wednesday, Fantasia said that the engineering firm of Stamski and McNary has told her that the study is "almost ready" and that they do not foresee any problems with re-siting the tank.

At press time on Wednesday, Koning could not be reached for comment. Keep watching.

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