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Friday, May 21, 2004

Support our high school

To the Editor:

At the election on May 25 you will be asked to decide on an override question that would raise an additional $82,068 in property taxes to fund Carlisle's share of the operating budget for the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School. I am writing to ask for your support of our high school, and that you vote yes on Question 1.

In developing the FY05 budget we faced significant fiscal challenges including decreased state aid, increased special education costs, all the while dealing with deferred expenditures and the cumulative effect of budget reductions over the past few years.

The school committee adopted operating budget of $16,012,079 represents a 5.5% increase over FY04. This budget requires a total override of $287,000 to be shared between the two member communities. We have taken significant measures to control spending in the FY05 budget. We have implemented changes to the way in which we provide services to our students and have reorganized our administrative functions that will save the district almost $256,000 in FY05.

In the event that the override fails in Carlisle or in Concord, we will need to reduce the budget by $287,000 to get to the levy limit. We would need to implement these reductions through the elimination of approximately four full-time equivalent teachers, reducing co-curricular activities by $48,000 and the athletics budget of $25,000.

In addition to the operating override question, Question 4 of the ballot represents a debt exclusion vote for a small, much-needed repair/renovation project for the high school. The project includes the installation of much-needed equipment upgrades for the foreign language laboratory, and improvements including new lighting flooring, windows and lockers to the gymnasium. I ask that you also support this project and vote yes on Question 4.

We believe that the school committee's adopted budget focuses on students and protects program while recognizing the current fiscal constraints on the two member communities. The Boards of Selectmen and the Finance Committees in both Carlisle and Concord have expressed their approval of both the School Committee adopted budget and the capital project.

We appreciate your continued support.

Michael E. Fitzgerald
Vice Chairman, Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee

FinCom supports proposed budget overrides

To the Editor:

The Finance Committee supports the overrides for both CCHS and the town.

These overrides are modest. If both pass, the average tax bill increase should be less than 2%.

The Finance Committee believes that the new administrative team at CCHS, led by Superintendent Finn, has made serious efforts to control costs while protecting services to students. They propose to reduce a variety of administrative costs and eliminate the subsidy to adult and community ed. Without the override there would be reductions in the teaching staff of four full-time equivalent positions. This would have a direct, negative impact on kids' education. Moreover, the budgets for athletics and co-cocurricular activities would be cut. The CCHS override would enable the high school to maintain its program, providing and excellent education to our town's high school students.

The override for the town would fund important programs and services in the Police Department, Fire Department and Planning Board. Unfortunately, given revenue constraints, these could not be provided for in the balanced budget.

We urge you to support both over-rides in the upcoming ballot.

Lisa Jensen-Fellows
Finance Committee
Judy Farm Road

Farhad Vazehgoo for Board of Health

To the Editor:

We are writing on behalf of Farhad Vazehgoo of Orchard Acres Road to advocate his election to the Town of Carlisle Board of Health. We have known Farhad since he and his family moved to Carlisle over three years ago. He is an accomplished engineer and manager — serving as a Director of Engineering at Analog Devices. On a personal level, he is bright, affable, caring and even-tempered and is uniquely suited to balance the health and environmental issues affecting the entire community and the interests of individual homeowners. Above all, Farhad will bring empathy to the job, having just completed the razing and replacement of the family home. He will be a fair arbiter in balancing the interests of us all in Carlisle. Farhad believes that we already have the regulations necessary to protect our collective health and well-being — all we need is to apply them with common sense. We urge you to join us in voting for Farhad Vazehgoo.

Tony and Nancy DiRomualdo
Church Street

Vote for Deb Belanger for Selectman

To the Editor:

I write to encourage you to vote for Deb Belanger for Selectman. I believe that Deb, a person of highest integrity, has the skills, experience and dedication to make an excellent Selectman.

For the last two years, I have had the pleasure of serving with Deb on the Finance Committee. On FinCom she has worked diligently to understand the major issues affecting our Town. Her ability to get up to speed rapidly on complex issues is impressive. Having listened respectfully to all interested parties, Deb then considers thoughtfully and thoroughly. She always looks at proposals in the context of what is in the best interest of Carlisle. Once a conclusion has been reached Deb follows through to ensure that appropriate action is taken. This experience should serve her well if she is elected to a leadership position like the Board of Selectmen.

I think Deb would make an outstanding Selectman and hope you will support her in the upcoming election.

Lisa Jensen-Fellows
Judy Farm Road
Ed note: Lisa Jensen-Fellows is a member of the Finance Committee

Take a bike

To the Editor:

I read with not much interest, the Forum (May 14) statements by Mr. John Lee. It is not my intention to delve on the basic psychology of Mr. Lee's deep bitterness about his life in Carlisle.

Just would like to focus on his view that "dogs, bicycles and motorcycles are clogging the roads." It is now pertinent to note that cars (particularly SUV's) are "clogging" the roads. Have we ever heard of a "bicycle traffic jam?" Motorcycles don't have bumpers, so "bumper to bumper traffic" probably does not apply to them. May I suggest that if more of us (including Mr. Lee and his impeccably clean car) would try using two wheels more often, the "clogging" of the roads (and our coronaries) might be thankfully relieved. As for the other "horrors" of country life living, Mr. Lee may avoid them by moving to the Back Bay.

James J. Jovenich
Nowell Farme Road

Writer recommends Peter Stuart for Planning Board

To the Editor:

I'm writing to support Peter Stuart's candidacy for the Planning Board. Peter is an experienced architect and long-time Carlisle resident who has served for the past three years on the School Building Committee of the Carlisle Public Schools. He's added at least four strengths to the Building Committee which would be just as valuable on the Planning Board. First, he has long, practical, working experience with residential design and construction, which is most of what happens in Carlisle. Second, he's creative and practical about finding solutions to problems, such as where to site a particular building or how a group of buildings can best work together. Third, he's a good listener and somewhat skeptical about optimistic claims concerning projects and proposed designs that are still in the design phase. Fourth, he's a charming guy with a good sense of humor, tenacious about his point of view without being abrasive. He's been a pleasure to work with, and he'll be a catch for Carlisle if we elect him to the Planning Board.

Paul E. Morrison
Chair, Carlisle School Building Committee
Sunset Road

Vote for Peter Stuart

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Peter Stuart, candidate for the Planning Board. As you head to the polls, I also urge you to support Peter. I believe the skills and traits necessary to be an effective member of the Planning Board are: a fair and open mind, strong analytical abilities, and common sense. In my 26 years, I have seen Peter display those skills and many more. As an architect, you must be able to infuse your own ideas into a project while respecting the wishes of the client. This not only takes the ability to listen well, but to work together to come to a consensus. I have seen Peter's ability to do this and have no doubt that these skills will be an asset to the board as they work together to address the issues that come before the board.

Peter is also fair, practical and uses common sense when approaching issues. As an architect, Peter has come before various boards which has enabled him to see the board from different perspectives. His systematic and analytical approach will enable the board to focus on solutions and to design comprehensive plans that will address both current and future issues. Lastly, Peter's integrity, intelligence and sense of humor will be a valuable asset to the board.

As a resident of Carlisle for over 17 years, Peter appreciates what a wonderful community Carlisle is, as well as the need for civic participation. Peter has

demonstrated his commitment to the town by currently serving as a member of the School Building Assistance Board.

I have no doubt that if elected, Peter will make a lasting contribution to both the board and to the residents of Carlisle. While my letter may be biased (he is my dad), I can assure you that he will look at each issue before the board in an unbiased and fair manner. I cannot think of a better candidate to support!

Sarah Stuart
School Street

Vote for Peggy Wang

To the Editor:

My wife Sarah Andreassen served as Town Clerk for over 13 years. She was the ambassador to newcomers, and never limited herself to the twenty-hour position. Sarah took great pride in her job as evidenced by the fact that she worked an extended schedule, i.e. 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Her legacy to the town was her warmth and affability.

Having met and known Peggy Wang, I am confident that she will continue to meet the expectations I have for the Town of Carlisle.

My family and I encourage you to vote for Peggy Wang for Town Clerk on Tuesday, May 25, 2004.

Carl Andreassen
Cross Street

Vote for Charlene Hinton

Dear Editor:

I am writing in support of Charlene Hinton for town clerk. I am fortunate to have known Charlene and her husband Steve through various town committees since I moved to town nine years ago. While I knew that the Hintons had been volunteering in town for many years and have given so much of their free time to improving the quality of life here in Carlisle, I really began to appreciate how community service was an integral part of their lives when I mentored their daughter Melissa during her internship for CCF and ConsCom last summer. She was motivated not only to execute the work that was needed accurately and completely, but had a drive to do something to enhance the town she grew up in. During the time Charlene has filled the role of Town Clerk, she has shown the same drive to understand the responsibilities required by taking the necessary training classes, while competently executing the day-to-day role of clerk.

Committment to the details of family life and community is necessary for the role of Town Clerk and I believe Charlene has what it takes to get the job done. Please join me in supporting Charlene Hinton for Town Clerk.

Christine Boparkikar
Carlisle Pines Drive

Peggy Wang for Town Clerk

To the Editor:

We know Peggy Wang as a great neighbor, friend, dedicated citizen, fellow Church member and someone we trust with our children — what does Peggy offer our terrific town and community?

1) Dedication.

2) High regard for Carlisle and its citizens.

3) A new perspective and fresh voice in town government.

4) Fiscally reponsibility (just ask the people she works with)

5) Loves pets.

6) She will make your experience with town government pleasurable and efficient.

Please exercise your right to vote and when you do we urge you to check Peggy Wang on May 25.

John, Christine, Sean, Lisa, Eric and Angela Debruzzi
Autumn Lane

Support Charlene Hinton for Town Clerk

To the Editor:

As operators of Great Brook Farm, we have made many visits to the Town Clerk's office and have been extremely pleased to see that Charlene continues the tradition of excellent service and small-town friendliness. Charlene is a valuable asset to this community and should be reelected based on her strong commitment and dedication to the job, as is evidenced by her outstanding performance. We need to maintain this level of security, so cast your vote for Charlene Hinton.

Tamma and Mark Duffy
Great Brook Farm
North Road

Charlene Hinton has done a fine job as Acting Town Clerk

To the Editor:

I would like to express my strong support for Charlene Hinton in the upcoming election for Town Clerk. Charlene has served as Acting Clerk for the past year and has done a fine job. She has worked hard to maximize service to townspeople within the structure of her part-time position. She has handled her responsibilities with fairness, courtesy and efficiency. I believe the town would be well-served by electing her to the position of Town Clerk this coming Tuesday.

Timothy Hult
Audubon Lane

Ed Note: Hult is a member of the Carlisle Board of Selectmen.

Let Hinton continue with the job she does so well

To the Editor:

Charlene Hinton has been a friend and neighbor for several years and most recently, I have had an opportunity to observe her in the performance of her duties as Acting Town Clerk. She is efficient, knowledgeable and well-respected by her co-workers. Her interactions with the public are friendly and helpful and on several occasions, I have observed Charlene go "above and beyond" what was expected in order to assist someone. She is a dedicated and loyal employee of this town. Please let her continue with the job that she does so well by voting for her on May 25.

Nancy Iosue
East Street

Wang for Town Clerk

To the Editor:

I am very pleased Peggy Wang is a candidate for Town Clerk. Peggy is an experienced business woman, active volunteer in numerous community activities and a long-time Carlisle resident.

Her credentials include: Business experience — 16 years, accounting at Fortune 100 company; 10 years, her own accounts receivable business; 3 years, child care business. Community leadership — Vice chairman, Council on Aging; Chairman, Old Home Day Art Show; Volunteer, The Parents Connection.

Following in the tradition of Sarah Andreassen's role model as Town Clerk, Peggy is willing to work flexible hours to accommodate the townspeoples' needs. She will be available from 9 - 12 every other Saturday morning.

Competence, strong interpersonal skills, committment, and time to devote to the Town Clerk's position makes Peggy the right person at the right time for the Town of Carlisle.

Please join me and vote for Peggy Wang for Town Clerk on Tuesday, May 25.

Judy R. Larson
Forest Park Drive

Vote for Charlene Hinton for Town Clerk

Dear Editor:

For the last 15 years since Charlene, Steve and their daughter, Melissa, moved to town, they have been involved in guiding Carlisle into its future. Charlene has been active in supporting the Carlisle schools when her daughter was here. Melissa is now a junior in college, yet Charlene continues to be involved with making Carlisle a better place for all of us: seniors, mid-lifers, families and youth. In the past, Charlene has assisted Girl Scouts, was involved with the Emerson Hospital Auxilliary, and joined the Carlisle Minutemen in 1995.

Why did she join the Minutemen?... to be a role model for her daughter and her friends, and to acknowledge the need for our town ancestors to fight for freedom.

In addition, when our town needed a Town Clerk, due to Sarah's passing, Charlene knew she would be an ideal candidate to fill the slot, and immediatley applied She has filled the responsibilies with a joyous smile every day! The knowledge she has learned during the past months provides Charlene an advantage for assuming this job. Her desire to continue to support Carlisle is illustrated in her dedication as our interim Town Clerk

Please join us in support of Charlene.

David Watson
Barbara Howland
North Road

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