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Friday, May 14, 2004


Two sisters peer into the windows of the tired house at 730 Concord Street. "That was our dining room," one of them offers. "We always did our homework on the dining room table." ...more

Grade 9 ...more

Over spring vacation we traveled to the western states of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Colorado, and I'm still dreaming of canyons and sweeping vistas. We drove in and out of spring as we traveled and changed elevation. At Lee's Ferry, where settlers first crossed the Colorado River, the temperature was in the 80s and cactus was in bloom. Hours earlier we'd left ...more

Name: Epigaea repens or trailing arbutus; aka mayflower, shadflower, gravel plant, ground laurel, mountain pink, and winter pink. There are two stories about why this plant is known as the "mayflower." One is that it blooms in May (never mind March and April); the other is that it was named for the ship "Mayflower" ...more

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