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Friday, May 14, 2004


This Old House seeks to host Designer's Showhouse

Bruce Irving, executive producer of This Old House Productions, appeared before the Board of Selectmen at their May 11 meeting to request permission to hold a Designer's Showhouse. As most of the town residents know by now, This Old House Productions is currently working to renovate the house and barn at 730 Concord Street in Carlisle. Irving first apologized for the recent traffic mess where vehicles blocked the road and buses were having trouble getting by at Concord and South Streets during a filming of This Old House. "We will no longer park on either Concord or South Street." stressed Irving. No problems have been encountered since the April 30 episode and the Selectmen were satisfied that Irving has the parking situation under control.

The reason for Irving's visit is his hope to open the building to the public in the form of a Designer's Showhouse. Such an event would run for five or six weeks, starting sometime in February 2005. "Showhouses tend to be open six days a week, and we would like to do the same," said Irving. He expects to receive around 10,000 visitors over this time period. Parking arrangements have been made with Middlesex School and a minivan will provide shuttle service for the one-mile distance to the house.

Proceeds from the event will be divided between WGBH and a scholarship fund for the building arts. This prompted Tony Allison to inform Irving that Carlisle also has a scholarship fund in honor of former Selectman Vivian Chaput. Irving quickly offered to share some of the proceeds and also plans to host a Carlisle Day with free admission to town residents.

"We hope to finish the bulk of the construction by the turn of the year," said Irving. He agreed to provide the board with a final schedule of all the events by September and expects the first episode of This Old House to air on Channel 2 in October. In the meantime, "We need forbearance," pleaded Irving. The Selectmen agreed and praised the overall effort in anticipation of the national recognition that will be bestowed on Carlisle when the series begins.

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