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Friday, May 14, 2004


Shorts from the Board of Selectmen, May 11

Tennis courts. A public hearing on the proposed Banta-Davis tennis courts continued at the May 11 Selectmen's meeting. "Responses have been positive. There are no open issues," said Recreation Commission Chair Maureen Tarca. The Planning Board recently voted to approve the tennis court site plan and recommended that a bike rack be included on the plan. They also warned that a site plan review would be required again if RecCom decides to install lighting in the future. All boards agreed that adequate landscape screening must be installed between the courts and the nearby cemetery and that no activity be allowed on the courts when graveside services are underway.

Selectmen voted to continue the public hearing until all relevant parties have reviewed the proposal for the four new courts.

The Cranberry Bog dam. There is an ongoing problem with the Cranberry Bog dam and its potential failure. The biggest obstacle is that the dam is in Chelmsford and the Town of Carlisle has no jurisdiction over it. Chelmsford has suggested that we should pay for the flume and the materials needed. Originally, farmer Mark Duffy and the Town of Chelmsford were going to jointly fix the problem and Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard was told that Chelmsford had the money for the flume.

The Selectmen decided to send a letter to the Chelmsford Board of Selectmen encouraging them to repair the dam, with Duffy's help if needed.

New flag in town center. Carlisle has a new flag for the town center, just in time for Memorial Day. The steel flagpole is sadly in need of repair, however. Scraping and painting is scheduled to begin on or before May 14 and will take several days to complete. The cost will be between $1,200 and $1,500 depending on the time required. NStar will be contacted to cover the wires, which are ten feet from the pole and could present a danger.

Town Hall HVAC. A group of volunteers met last week to begin to understand and advise on the failing HVAC system at the Town Hall. Dan Cook, Jan Burke, Alexander Parker, Lenny Johnson, David Trask and Ed Sonn have all volunteered to assist. The group will be meeting again in the next week.

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