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Friday, May 14, 2004


New math support program funded by Title 1

This year the Carlisle Public School has participated in Title 1, a federal grant program, for the first time, fourth-grade teacher and Title 1 supervisor Susan Fitzgerald told the Carlisle School Committee on Monday, May 3. In previous years the amount of the grant did not warrant the work necessary to administer the program, but this year the school stood to receive $48,415.

Fitzgerald said that the administration decided to use the money to develop a math support program for 45 students in grades 3 to 5. Using grade-level assessments, the Stanford Math assessment, and individual teacher assessments, fifteen students were chosen from each grade level to participate in the program.

Once a week eighth-grade math teacher Joan Beauchamp worked with the children in a relaxed environment, playing games, making a journal and going over topics related to the Frameworks' goal of the grade. Areas of struggle were identified, Beauchamp told the CSC, and progressively students became more confident with the math. A great deal of attention was devoted to basic individual skills rather than the teaching in the class.

Additional money is available to offer a summer program to these students and for the school to purchase some supplies and teaching materials to be used in the math curriculum.

Both Fitzgerald and Beauchamp felt the program was very successful. Carlisle already has a well-developed reading support program, and this math support filled a need in the Carlisle curriculum. CSC Chair David Dockterman said, "Math and science are not necessarily the strength of elementary schools and there is a need to find the right balance." Addressinging the two teachers, Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said, "You have done a wonderful, superb job."

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