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Friday, May 14, 2004

Check out the Old Home Day Web Site

To the Editor:

Yes, we're going to have our Old Home Day this year, thanks to the donations we're receiving. We are extremely grateful. We're finding however, that as the town's big day approaches, abbreviated announce-ments in the paper every other week or so just won't work to get all the information out to you in a timely fashion. To help fill this gap we've established a web site that contains up-to-date information and details on Old Home Day schedules, support, new events, etc. Please find us on the web at: You can e-mail us at: or Thanks again, keep the dollar bills coming, we'll see you there.

Dave and Florence Reed
2004 Old Home Day Committee
Page Brook Road

Successful Concord-Carlisle Scholarship fundraiser

To the Editor:

This year's Concord-Carlisle Scholarship Fund Phonathon has helped to lessen financial pressure for many Concord and Carlisle students headed to a variety colleges and also make it possible for some students to attend college who otherwise might miss the opportunity altogether.

Members of the board of the CCEF are pleased to recognize and thank those who generously participated in the recent phonathon. The voices of approximately one hundred eager Concord and Carlisle students combined with the response of generous residents resulted in donations totaling $37,500. In addition, use of the Fenn School's wonderful facility and window advertising space provided by the Concord Book Shop are greatly appreciated. If you were unavailable to contribute through the phonathon, donations can be sent to The Concord Carlisle Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 217, Concord, MA 01742. Please visit our website at

Bonnie Greer
River Road

Pernice family thanks all who helped during and after their house fire

To the Editor:

Last June we had a fire in our home at 148 Judy Farm Road. While the exact cause remains unknown its origins were electrical. After discovering the fire I called 911 but made contact only after the alert dispatcher traced and returned my call following a seemingly failed attempt. Despite the quick response and efforts of the Carlisle Police and Fire Departments the house and many of our belongings were destroyed. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Also we were able to salvage some photographs, childhood artwork and other precious keepsakes.

When Robin and I were looking for a place to raise our family we learned about Carlisle during our searches of surrounding towns. We immediately were drawn to its sleepy, bucolic charm and exceptional schools. Curiously, one real estate agent tried to discourage us from looking in Carlisle, intimating that people "aren't the friendliest." On the contrary, during our 13 years in town we've found Carlisle to be a close-knit, amiable community. Never did we appreciate Carlisle's community friendship more deeply than during our recent misfortune. The outpouring of concern, aid and support from neighbors, both old and new, was overwhelming. All in all we consider ourselves to be truly blessed. We humbly and sincerely thank you all.

We offer our special thanks to the following friends and neighbors:

Chief David Flannery and the Carlisle Fire Department. Firefighter Bob Trainor who kept me calm (and kept Fox News away.)

Chief David Galvin and the Carlisle Police Department. Detective Scott Barnes who arrived first on the scene.

Peg and Paul Gill, The Baliestiero Family, Teresa and Bob Kvietkauskas, Annie Pauler, Nancy and Brian Doherty and Family, The Walsh Family, Elizabeth Vercoe, The Kulick Family, Susie Weaver and Family, Molly Tee, John Dowcett, Joe Nelson, Doug Stevenson, Jeff Brown, Davida Fox-Melanson, Lynn Walker, Peter Darasz, Sandy and John Swanson, The McGrory Family, Aaron Abend, The Stengrevics Family, The Manganella Family, Deb Hankey, Bob Koning, Linda Fantasia, our Judy Farm and Heald Road neighbors and all those who contributed to the Pernice Family Fund.

Finally, we thank Marshall, Morgan, Scott and Susan Evans for too many things to mention.

Happily, we've waded through the insurance mire and recently have begun rebuilding our home. If our luck holds we'll be back at our Judy Farm address by early fall.

Bob, Robin and Erica Pernice
Eva Jellison
Judy Farm Road

Vote for Peggy Wang for Town Clerk

To the Editor:

Rarely does a town like Carlisle have an opportunity to have a devoted professional like Peggy Wang as a Town Clerk. Although her opposition currently holds the office, the professional talent that Peggy Wang has is beyond compare. Her flexibility allows her to devote her time and her professionalism to the Carlisle Town Clerks Office. Her past affiliation with Digital Equipment Corporation in accounting and auditing will effectively translate into an asset for every single town resident and town employee. Her style and undying commitment to excellence will recapture the service that Carlisle has become so accustomed to. Peggy Wang is a long-time neighbor and friend. My family and I urge you to vote for Peggy Wang as Carlisle's next Town Clerk.

Sue, Mark and Tyler Struss
School Street

Peggy Wang has the skills to be Town Clerk

To the Editor:

I write this letter on behalf of Peggy Wang who is running in the upcoming election for Town Clerk. Peggy has a fantastic combination of laughter and purpose that make her both a trusted friend and an empathetic neighbor. This town is part of her fabric - a Carlisle resident for 18 years, Peggy loves every facet of the town's character and is able to listen with an objective ear to virtually any voice that has the pleasure of engaging her. With 26 years of business experience and over 18 years as an accountant for Digital Equipment, Peggy has both the skills and experience to fill this position with efficiency and grace and we would all benefit from having her as our Town Clerk. So, I hope you join me in voting for Peggy Wang.

Christian Meyer
Russell Street

Charlene Hinton is a qualified incumbent Town Clerk

To the Editor:

Charlene Hinton accepted the position of Acting Town Clerk during a very difficult time for the Town of Carlisle, and has since distinguished herself as a hard working, competent official. Since taking office in October, 2003, she has guided the Town through three town meetings, two elections, and has fulfilled the normal duties of the Town Clerk relating to the annual census, voter registration, dog licenses, hunting and fishing permits, and all the other record-keeping responsibilities of the office. Her interactions with the public have always been compassionate and straightforward.

The Town of Carlisle has a qualified incumbent as Town Clerk, without a compelling reason to make a change. She has faced the learning curve and successfully risen to the challenge. Why would we as a community wish to make a change now? It is with our greatest personal respect for her commitment to the Town, her willingness to put herself forth, and her performance in office that we support her and ask that you cast your vote for her as Town Clerk on May 25th.

Priscilla Dumka, Town Accountant
Fiske Street
M. Lawrence Barton, Town Treasurer/Tax Collector
Elizabeth Ridge Road

Keep Charlene Hinton Town Clerk

To the Editor:

I would like to urge the voters of Carlisle to join me in voting for Charlene Hinton for Town Clerk on May 25, 2004. I have known Charlene for 8 years and have interacted with her in her role as Town Clerk. I find her to be personable, knowledgeable, responsive, and solution-oriented, all valuable qualities in the Town Clerk's office. I think that she does an excellent job representing Carlisle to its residents and to the many other people who come to Town Hall on a variety of topics.

Please join me in voting for Charlene for Town Clerk so that she can continue doing a great job on our collective behalf.

Fontaine K. Richardson
Skelton Road

Vote for Charlene Hinton for Town Clerk

To the Editor:

Charlene Hinton's character, personality, experience and skills make her the ideal person to serve as Carlisle's Town Clerk.

Charlene has been active in town affairs since moving to Carlisle with her family 15 years ago. One example, which also shows her appreciation of our history and a strong community spirit, is her role as a member of the Carlisle Minutemen (and Women).

Charlene knows Carlisle town government through working for both the Conservation Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals. As our current Acting Town Clerk, Charlene has a clear understanding of the legal responsibilities and needs of this important position as well as direct experience in the job.

Her integrity, discretion, and her organizational, accounting and computer skills give me confidence that Charlene is the professional with whom to entrust the care of our vital town records, protection of our citizens' votes, and assurance of fair and open town meetings.

Charlene has a warm personality and believes good "customer" service is an important part of the Clerk's job. She will be a goodwill ambassador for the town and welcoming to new residents.

As a 34-year resident of Carlisle who served for 8 years on the Conservation Commission (3 as chair) I interacted with and greatly respected our two most recent Town Clerks, Ellie Cochran and Sarah Andreassen. I believe Charlene Hinton will carry on their fine tradition of service to the residents of Carlisle.

Charlene knows and loves our town. She is clearly one of the valuable resources that make Carlisle such a special place to live! I encourage you to vote for her on May 25.

Sally A. Zielinski
Acton Street

Vote for Ray Bahr and Rich Boule

To the Editor:

Please support Ray Bahr and Rich Boule, the two R.B.s on the ballot for the three-year terms on the Planning Board.

Both Ray and Rich have demonstrated their dedication and capacity to serve in the last six months as associate members of the Planning Board. As associate members, they attended all the long sessions in order to learn the function of Planning Board regulations and the town bylaws. They have served on a special permit hearing and understand what will be required of them in the years to come.

Ray Bahr first participated in the town planning days last fall, where his comments were insightful and helpful in the development of the mission statement. He then participated in the sessions for housing and economic development where his systematic and analytical approach focused our efforts on the critical issues. His appetite whetted by the opportunity to help Carlisle plan its future, Ray then volunteered to become an associate member of the Planning Board. Not only has he attended all our meetings, he has been helpful to the functioning of the board in areas outside of normal regulatory issues, working to find a solution to computer issues in town hall. His enthusiasm to be of service to the town will be much appreciated.

Rich Boule has been contributing his expertise as a telecom engineer by serving on the Planning Board's wireless subcommittee. Cell towers are and will continue to be a major concern for Carlisle. The Planning Board is in the midst of a master planning and implementation effort to meet Carlisle's wireless needs. Rich's technical expertise, sensitivity to citizen concerns, and sound judgement have already helped guide the board. These qualities will enable him to contribute to the full range of issues the Planning Board faces.

Please vote for these two dedicated individuals, Ray Bahr and Rich Boule, for Planning Board.

Louise Hara
Planning Board chair
Concord Street

Teachers grateful for CEF and CSA grants

To the Editor:

Teaching the children in the Carlisle Public Schools is a wonderfully challenging and energizing privilege. As professionals, the teachers and staff appreciate the supportive environment provided by the parents of school-aged students as well as the Carlisle community. This year the school has been generously endowed with $43,858 from the CEF (Carlisle Education Foundation) and the CSA (Carlisle School Association). Virtually every department in the Carlisle Public School received monetary support in grant money. We understand the fiscal constraints in this economy and are continually impressed and gratified with the creative support for both staff and curriculum initiatives championed by CEF and CSA members. We further appreciate that, despite a tight school budget, the parents and school supporters have repeatedly found methods to support professional development and innovative programming in the classrooms. Without this generosity, we would not have a new Mobile Mac Lab (25 laptops in the lab,) new social studies texts at two grade levels, a variety of new literature to support reading and writing at every grade level, physical education equipment, science videos and a computer-connected microscope, math materials at two grade levels, five new projection devices and many additional materials too numerous to list.

The Carlisle Teacher's Association would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the CEF and CSA for their enduring support. We feel fortunate to be working in Carlisle, where we are personally encouraged and professionally supported while we teach your children.

Debbie O'Halloran, president
Carlisle Teacher's Association

Many hands made a successful book sale

To the Editor:

The great success of the Friends of the Gleason Library's book sale, held last Saturday on the library lawn, is due to too many people to name individually. The town cleaned out bookshelves in order to donate a diverse collection of close to 10,000 books, videos and tapes. Library workers gave over valuable work space to store the countless boxes of books. Volunteers of all ages brought boundless energy, tireless backs and much-needed pick-up trucks, and managed to haul thousands of books to and from the sale, as well as set up tables, pack and unpack boxes, answer questions and man the cashier tables.

These selfless workers all deserve more thanks than this letter could ever convey. Because of their hard work, not only will all proceeds, over $2500, go to fund library programs and special requests, but also all the leftover books found worthy homes, going to two charities (Hands Across the Water and Free Books of Boston) and one school sale (The Children's Meetinghouse). This annual event is a wonderful example of the community spirit we all value so highly here in Carlisle. Many, many thanks to all the volunteers who helped to keep that spirit alive on a beautiful spring Saturday.

Penny and Steve Zezima
co-chairs, FOGPL book sale

2004 The Carlisle Mosquito