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Friday, May 7, 2004


Aye to everything
Override for CCHS matches Concord level PATRIOT Act resolution passes after long debate
The difference in attendance and passion was striking. On March 23, a record 700 citizens checked in to participate in a Special Town Meeting which dealt with a single issue, the purchase of a 45-acre parcel of land on South Street. On Monday, May 3, only 246 people attended the centerpiece of town government, the Annual Town Meeting, which establishes the ...more

Carlisle letter carriers will be collecting non-perishable food items on Saturday, May 8, for distribution to food banks within the community. ...more

By a large margin, the Annual Town Meeting on May 3 approved the Article 5 override for Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS), supporting the same FY05 budget level approved by Concord's Town Meeting on April 26. Passage of this level of override in both towns brings the high school budget to $16,844,079, a $287,553 increase over the "levy-limit budget" ...more

The vote on Article 22, expanding the membership of the Board of Health (BOH) from three to five, passed easily and without discussion. The uneventful passage, however, masked the last-minute drama between the BOH and the Selectmen that occurred earlier that evening. ...more

Planning Board member David Freedman encountered some skepticism, but gained Town Meeting approval of a beefed-up Scenic Roads Bylaw. The amendment incorporates a state statute of the same name into the local bylaw, "to provide general procedures for the designation and maintenance of scenic town byways." ...more

The last item on the Warrant at Town Meeting generated over an hour of debate. More than twenty citizens rose from their seats to ask questions, provide information, give opinions, propose changes, and even correct grammar and typographical errors in Article 24, entitled, "A Resolution to Protect the Civil Liberties of Carlisle Citizens." Susan Stamps, ...more

After five years of applications, hearings, and litigation, the first cell tower is approaching reality. The Planning Board held a public meeting on April 26 to discuss and review the site plans for the 189-foot wireless communication tower and facilities that the courts have directed the town to permit on the Anderegg property at 871 Bedford Road. ...more

Tennis anyone? Carlisle tennis players have cause for celebration as the Board of Selectmen hosted a public hearing on proposed new tennis courts at the Banta-Davis Field on Bedford Road. Engineer Joe March of Stamski and McNary attended the April 27 meeting to describe the courts. "The four tennis courts will be located immediately after ...more

Chair Lisa Jensen-Fellows and member Deb Belanger of the Finance Committee (FinCom) appeared before the Board of Selectmen on April 27 to alert them to a possible financial issue that surfaced in the town of Stoneham. ...more

Old Morse Road Culvert Terming the $29,000 price tag for following an engineer's design for reconstruction of the collapsed culvert on the Old Morse Road trail as, "a great plan but too expensive," abutter George Senkler requested formation of a sub-committee to come up with a revised version. Since the commission and an abutters' ...more

The Carlisle Board of Appeals' continued hearing on Carlisle Woods 40B comprehensive permit will take place on Thursday, May 13, at 8 p.m. at the Carlisle Town Hall. ...more

Chair Lisa Jensen-Fellows and member Deb Belanger of the Finance Committee (FinCom) appeared before the Board of Selectmen on April 27 to discuss a question about the assessment ratio for the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District. ...more

The Board of Health (BOH) meeting last week reinforced the rule that property owners requesting variances need to anticipate all questions. Two cases, one involving the property at the 131 Virginia Farme and one at 272 Concord Street, passed with variances as requested by their respective owners, but one involved almost an hour of heated discussion, while ...more

One of the two sheep at Kimball's Farm ice cream stand died recently under mysterious circumstances. Dick Lamburn, who is caretaker at Kimball's, said the vet was with him at the time of death and "it was a terrible way for an animal to die." He thought the animal might have been poisoned. It was all the more troubling because the brother of the ...more

The Board of Selectmen is currently in the process of forming a Parcel A Task Force. This group will be charged with conducting a master planning process for the Benfield land purchased by the Town with Community Preservation funds. The Task Force will need a wide range of skills including architectural, engineering, housing economics, financial expertise, ...more

Town Hall 7:30 p.m.

7:30 Minutes: 4/25/04 ...more

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