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Friday, May 7, 2004


Sheep death a mystery

One of the two sheep at Kimball's Farm ice cream stand died recently under mysterious circumstances. Dick Lamburn, who is caretaker at Kimball's, said the vet was with him at the time of death and "it was a terrible way for an animal to die." He thought the animal might have been poisoned. It was all the more troubling because the brother of the dying sheep became upset and had to be put outside.

Lamburn thought the death mght be linked to a man who stops by the ice cream stand on Tuesdays on his way to the Bedford V.A. On this Tuesday, he parked in the side lot and was seen putting on latex gloves. He did not go to the counter as Kimball's patrons usually do, but walked directly over to the fence that contains the animals at Kimball's, where the two sheep were standing. No one saw him feed or touch the animals, and he left. Two days later the sheep died.

Lamburn reported the incident to Inspector Scott Barnes on April 20, about five days after the man was seen at Kimball's and three days after the sheep died. Barnes treated the matter as a suspicious person investigation and was able to track down the man through the New Hampshire plate numbers Lamburn had copied. The person, when contacted, denied having fed anything to the animal, nor did anyone see him feed them. Both Barnes and Police Chief Galvin were careful to use the word "alleged" when discussing a connection between the sheep's death and the man's presence. They say there is no evidence that would support charges against him and they consider the case closed.

Lamburn has called neighbors who have animals and one has reported seeing a similar man, but he has not returned to the stand since the sheep died.

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