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Friday, May 7, 2004


Shorts from the Conservation Commission, April 22

Old Morse Road Culvert Terming the $29,000 price tag for following an engineer's design for reconstruction of the collapsed culvert on the Old Morse Road trail as, "a great plan but too expensive," abutter George Senkler requested formation of a sub-committee to come up with a revised version. Since the commission and an abutters' group had earlier agreed to split the bill, the commission was equally anxious to adopt "a more utilitarian approach." Engineer George Dimakarakis confirmed that the stonework was the costliest item, and Senkler and the Commission quickly decided to seek a modified design. Chair Tricia Smith concurred but with a caveat: "We don't want to build something that will deteriorate in ten years."

Stump disposal at Foss Farm. Louise Hara reported that Pony Club volunteers had completed clearing of an overgrown field at Foss Farm. All concerned were pleased to learn that a buckthorn invasion had been defeated by use of a "clam shell" that allowed the shallow roots of the plant to be pulled up with relative ease. Although the brush had been removed by the Department of Public Works, Hara wanted instructions for disposal of about 30 cubic feet of old stumps. At the suggestion of Commissioner Tom Brownrigg, she was told to throw them into an old sandpit on the premises to provide ideal habitat for a wide variety of wildlife.

Mill Pond Lane. George Senkler and engineer George Dimakarakis returned to the table with a Notice of Intent (NOI) to build an indoor riding arena/barn and paddock with 4,165 square feet of work in the 100-foot buffer zone of a wetland and some grading within the outer 100-foot rim of a riverfront area. Senkler noted that the four-acre property is being withdrawn from Chapter 61 reduced-tax forestry status. The Commissioners' prime concern was that manure stockpiling regulations be met. With assurances that manure would be held temporarily in a pit for regular removal by farmer Mark Duffy, the public hearing was closed. An order of conditions was issued with the requirement that the documentation include an approval from the Board of Health.

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